7 Best Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working Issue [Solved]

Voice Chat not Working? you’re not the only one who face this problem don’t worry there are thousands of others who face this problem while playing Fortnite. You can easily fix this problem.

How to Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working on Windows 10 PC

  1. Sign out Fortnite then sign BackIn.
  2. Select Proper Audio Device.
  3. Selecting the Correct Console Mode.
  4. Additional Settings.
  5. Check Your Audio Settings.
  6. Make sure your Microphone is on for Fortnite.
  7. Reinstall Fortnite

Fix 1. Sign out Fortnite then Sign Back In

This fix is the quickest and easiest as compared to the others fixes. Just sing out of the game, then Sign back in.

Now start Fortnite again and test whether it is fixed or not. If you said not then move on to fix 2.

Fix 2. Select Proper Audio Device

You don’t know, but your PC has several different options on how to output audio. If you select the wrong audio device you might not be able to transfer your sound correctly through your mic. Navigation sound settings are given below.

  • Run Fortnite and Disable your voice chat and push to talk. this is temporarily you can turn it back on later.
  • Press Windows+S type sound in dilogue box,
  • Click on the tab of recording right click on the audio device make it sure enable first.
  • Save change and exist.

Fix 3. Select the Correct Console Mode

Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working fix

If you are playing Fortnite by using console you might need to select the correct mode. Controller tried to access to your audio steam and hence this can clash.

  • Run Fortnite and navigate to settings. Select tab controller and open it. Nowselect the following options

Configuration: Quick builder

Controller Platform: Playstation 4

  • Save the changes and exist Restart Fortnite and check your audio problem will be solved. If not then try another fix.

Fix 4. Additional Settings

When you’re in the audio settings, you should also make sure that you don’t have Push-to-Talk active if you’re suddenly having issues. You just need to ensure that your playback and input device correctly set and you will good to go. It can be done in the voice chat portion of settings.

FIX 5. Check your Audio Settings

Fortnite & Windows both have audio settings and some time they just get a little mixed. so reset evrything manually to clear out cobwebs. Follow the steps which are given below.

  1. Temporarily turn off voice chat in Fortnite.
  • In fortnite click the menu button on the upper right corner then click on gear icon to open game settings.
  • To view audio setting click speaker icon. turn off voice chat and click apply.
  • Exist Fortnite

2. On your desktop Right click on the speaker icon at the bottom corner, select sounds.

3. Click on the Playback tab, select the speakers/headphones you’re using and click Set Default.

4. click on the recording tab and select the microphone you are using and select default.

5. While still in the Recording tab, try speaking into your microphone to test if it works properly. If it is, you should see some green in the bar on the right.

6. Click on the ok button.

7. Launched Fortnite again to turn voice chat on.

Fix 6. Make sure your Microphone is on for Fortnite

If you download Fortnite from any gaming site. check it has permission to use a microphone. Follow the steps which are given below.

  • Press W+I at the same time to open Windows settings now click on privacy.
Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working issue
  • Click on Microphone, and make sure Microphone access for this device is on, and see the status for Fortnite must be on.
  • Launched Fortnite to see Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working issue is solved or not.

Fix 7. Reinstall Fortnite

If all these above fixes not solve Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working isuue then Select this last method try to reinstall Fortnite.

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  • Open the Epic game launcher. on the left panel click library, and click on

gear button.

  • Click on Uninstall Fortnite.
  • Reboot your PC
  • Open Epic Game Launcher to download and install Fortnite again.

Launched Fornite and start your game check Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working issue will be solved. Download Fortnite from microsoft store.