Ariana Grande: How to unlock the star’s skin in Fortnite?

Ariana Grande: how to unlock the star's skin in Fortnite?

After months and months of rumors, the news is finally out. Ariana Grande will indeed be available on Fortnite . The icing on the cake, she will also give a virtual concert with several artists . But how do you get the singer’s costume?


Remember, last April, Internet users announced the arrival of the costume of the pop star. However, it was just an April Fool’s Day. Indeed, no skin was seen available past April 1 … Something to make sad many fans.

But it was enough to be slightly patient. Given that in a few days, Ariana Grande will indeed be available in the game. However, be aware that it will not be free. And that we will have to pay V-Buck on the battle royal of Epic Games.

In any case, this is what our colleagues from Dexerto know . The media in fact making it known that there would still be no way, at present, to obtain the skin for free. Of course, things could change in the next few days.

Despite everything, for the moment, know that you will probably have to put your hand in your pocket . Unlike some skins previously included in the game. Another important info, the costume is not yet online. We will have to wait until August 4.

Because yes, still according to the media, Fortnite will make it available to gamers on this date . When the store will be reset. So you will have understood it, so you will only have two days to enjoy it before Ariana Grande does her concert.

As a reminder, the virtual show will take place on August 6 and will be called Rift Tour . There too the info was confirmed by Epic Games after weeks of rumors . The young singer will not be alone to offer a show to the fans.

Ariana Grande: How to unlock the star's skin in Fortnite?
Ariana Grande: How to unlock the star’s skin in Fortnite?


Now everyone wants to know at what price the costume can be purchased. We’ve got our fingers crossed and hope you’ve saved so far. Because as we let you know, the “product” will have a cost.

Be aware, however, that Epic Games has not yet confirmed anything, but Dexerto seems to know, from a reliable source, that Ariana Grande would be available between 1,500 and 2,000 V-Bucks . The media is based on the old price of Travis Scott when the latter was also playable.

As a reminder, Kylie Jenner’s ex saw her skin priced at 1,500 V-Bucks . Therefore, we can think that the singer will be entitled to the same amount. Especially since there is not going to be a single costume available for her.

Indeed, the first skin features platinum colored hair and an outfit resembling the one worn in Lady Gaga’s “Rain on Me” music video . For the second costume, this one features brown hair and an outfit adorned with crystals.

It remains to be seen how many players will manage to get the Ariana Grande outfit in the coming days. No doubt many fans will do everything to buy it as soon as it goes online. In order to be able to make top 1s in the skin of a pop star.