Solved: Division 2 Crashing/Freezing Error on Windows 10

Division 2 is an amazing military action game but so many users face crashing problems in Division 2 while playing on Windows PC. In this article, we will explain how to fix Division 2 crashing errors. Just follow the steps which are given below.

What Causes The Error Division 2 Crashing on Windows 10

After examining multiple tech forums we can easily conclude that the below mentioned are the main causes of Division 2 crashing game on Windows 10.

  1. The page file size is deficient, if your page file size is small, memory-intensive, games may run out and crash. Setting the paging file size system Managed resolve the issue completely.
  2. Use of DirectX 12, which is a new technology and it is not properly work in old CPU. Just use old version of Direct X, your problem will fix.
  3. The affinity of AntiEasyCheat is using one core of your CPU. Division 2 crashing issue will appear. So set its affinity to one core only.
  4. Incompatibility between anti-cheat engines. Users sometime use multiple anti-cheat engines for different gaming. Incompatibility issue are bounded occur in such situation. It can be prevented simple as deleting the .DLL file.

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How to Fix Division 2 Crashing on Windows 10/8/7

  1. Verify Games Files
  2. Update Drivers
  3. Install the latest Game patch
  4. Lower in Game Graphics setting
  5. Check the Computer System Specification
  6. Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter

Solution 1. Verify Game Files

The Division 2 crashing issue can also be triggered by faulty games files. You need to verify the game files steam. Every game you play is first installed on your system which means there are a lot of files stored on your hard drive. If any file is missing then you may end up facing the Division 2 crashing error on Windows 10. There is much need for you to check the game files on all the relevant platforms.

Follow these steps

  • Step 1

Run steam clicks on the library tab list all games. Click a right-click on Division 2 select properties from the context menu.

  • Step 2

Click on the Local files tab then again click on Verify Integrity of game cache.

Fix division 2 crashing problem in Windows 10
  • Step 3

When you have finished the procedures. Click on close.

  • Step 4

Reinstall the Steam launcher and check if the division 2 crashing problem still persists. If it is, then apply the next solution.

Solution 2. Update System and Graphic Drivers

This is most important for the gamer to update his drivers especially the graphic driver for PC user. The broken outdated graphic drivers always cause issues. That’s why you need to update drivers regularly.

You can update the graphic cards driver using the best driver updater software. These driver updater tools are free to use and are easy to handle. You can download multiple system driver updater software available online.

Simply download the software and install it on your PC. It will quickly scan your system drivers and then you can update drivers with a single click.

Solution 3. Install the Latest Game Patch

The manufacturer of Division 2 releases a regular game patch to fix bugs and errors. If your current game Patch is corrupted then you need to download the latest game patch to fix the Division 2 crashing problem. If Division 2 keeps crash then don’t worry. Simply move on to the next method.

Solution 4. Lower In Game Graphic Setting

Sometimes High-in-game graphic settings can also cause the crashing or freezing problem. If you just lower in-game GPU settings then you can easily resolve this issue. Follow the below steps.

  • Run Division 2 game on your PC.
  • Click on Setting, Select Graphics, Shadow Quality set to low.
  • Now click on Spot shadows, Set it to Low.
  • Select Contact Shadows, Turn it off.
  • Select Particle Detail to high.
  • Select Reflecting Quality to low.
  • Select Vegetation quality to Medium.
  • Local Reflecting Quality turn off.
  • Select Ambient Occlusion to medium.
  • Select object detail to 50.

Solution 5. Check the Computer System Specification

If your Computer system requirement is not good then you may face Division 2 crashing game error so for better performance you need to upgrade your PC that includes buying a new CPU, GPU, or RAM. Below is the division 2 system requirement match them with your PC.

Minimum System Requirement for PC_1080 p

  • RAM, 8 GB
  • VRAM, 3 GB
  • DIRECT X, Direct X 11/12
  • OS, 64 Bit windows 7,8,10

Recommended System Requirement

  • RAM, 8 GB
  • VRAM, 4 GB
  • DIRECT X, Direct X 12
  • OS, 64-Bit Windows 10

Solution 6. Windows Compatibility of Troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooter is a built-in tool that helps to determine whether the certain application is compatible or not for your current Windows 10 OS. Here are some basic steps which are given below.

  • Step 1

Open my Computer, Go to the directory where Division 2 is installed. Usually, it is installed in Folder c/Program files

  • Step 2

Right, Click on Files Division.exe and select properties.

  • Step 3

Go to the compatibility tab and click the high dpi setting

  • Step 4

Mark (Override high DPI Scaling behavior), select Application, and just click on the ok button.

  • Step 5

Click on disable full-screen optimization.

These are the best solutions to fix the division 2 crashing problem. If these fixed help you or you still can’t solve this issue then you can post your question in comment box.