Fallout 4 Keyboard Not Working [FIXED]

The keyboard is not working in Fallout 4. players want to play fallout 4 without this error in this article you will see some fixes of the Fallout 4 keyboard, not working issues.

Causes the Fallout 4 keyboard not working

The game is preventing you from playing with both keyboard+mouse and gamepad since it can be considered cheating.

some app’s preventing the game from running normally and the user has a report that mostly steams causes this problem.

Easy fixes of Fallout 4 Keyboard not working

Before seeing these fixes first you need to update your windows to the latest version, disable your Antivirus or some problems will be solved by reinstall the game setup, and update your graphic card to the latest version.

  1. Reconnect your keyboard
  2. Update your keyboard driver
  3. Disable overwolf overlay
  4. Disable steam overlay
  5. Delete the controler from the device manager
  6. Delete the Fallout 4prefs file

Fix 1. Reconnect your keyboard

Fallout 4 keyboard not working

This is a bit of silly advice, but many users comment that this little trick works like a charm on Windows. Disconnect your keyboard and then reconnect it back to your PC. now open the game and play I hope your problem Fallout 4 keyboard not working will be fixed. but if not you should try another method.

Fix 2. Update your Keyboard Driver Automatically

A simple keyboard work in all the field but Gaming keyboard is a professional keyboard for playing games you need to update their driver time by time, and you can also download keyboard driver from this official site keyboard-driver

Fix 2.1 Update your Keyboard Driver Manually

  • Step 1

Go to the Windows Search bar, write Device Manager and click on the Device manager option.

  • Step 2

When you open the device manager setting clicks on the Keyboard category and click on it to expand the same.

  • Step 3

Right-click the keyboard device and click on “update driver” from the list.

  • Step 4

Select “Search automatically for updated driver software

  • Step 5

Install the drivers and restart your computer.

Fix 3. Disable Overwolf Overlay

This is the most famous overlay software that you can find right now, it works in almost all the game fields. if you want to install this program you need to disable all these things temporarily which is given below.

  • Click on over wolf icon locate in taskbar, it may be hidden
  • Nevigate library section and then games
  • On the left side menu Click on the Fallout 4
  • you can see the option Disable/Enable overlay

Now close Overwolf and open fallout 4 hopefully, your problem will be fixed.

Fix 4. Disable Steam Overlay

This method is aimed at steam users only. and it is a very easy method and not skipped while troubleshooting.

  • Open steam client and double click to its entery searching for it in start menu. cortana or a search bar, both of them next to the start menu.
Fallout 4 keyboard not working
  • Navigate library tab in a steam window, and locate cause 2 i the list of games in your own library.
  • right click on the game entry on the library choose the properties option from the context meny which will appear stay in general tab and click on the “Enable the steam overlay while in game”
  • Now apply it. and start your game hope it will work

Fix 5. Delete the Controller from the Device manager

If you are not using the game controller to play any game and still can’t use the keyboard, there might be an issue in-game, you can try deleting the game controller from the device manager. steps are given below.

  • Step 1

Right-click on a start menu and select a device manager from the pop-up menu.

  • Step 2

Expand the game controller and video category, it will show all the installed devices.

  • Step 3

Right-click on the game controller and click on the uninstalled device from the context menu. do it again same steps until you can delete all the games controller.

  • Step 4

When all this Process is complete restart your PC and open your game to check if you have to fix the Fallout 4 keyboard not working issue.

You can also download Fallout 1 from this site games/fallout-1

Fix 6. Delete the Fallout 4 prefesfile

You may have an issue with your preference Fallout 4, in this case, your keyboard is not working properly. try to remove the file and make the game recreat a new one

  • Step 1

EXIT fallout 4.

  • Step 2

press W+E at the same time. open file explorer

  • Step 3

Copy the following address and paste it into the address bar and give Enter command

  • Step 4

Delete the fallout 4 prefs