8 Best Solution Fallout 4 Long load times

When you click on the Fallout 4 game icon. it takes so much time to load. it may be the reason wrong setting or slow HDD on your computer that’s why you face Fallout 4 long load times problem.

You will see the best solutions for the Fallout 4 long load times issue in this article.

Fallout 4 Long load times

How to Fix Fallout 4 Long load times problem on Windows 10

  1. Edit Local file.
  2. Update your game.
  3. Update Your Graphic card driver.
  4. Lunch in Windows Borderless mode.
  5. Change FPS settings.
  6. Move Falloute 4 to an SSD.
  7. Disable the Cloud Sync.
  8. Windows Update.

Solution 1. Edit Local File

Edit the local files to fix the issue. it will help you short the load time of the game.

  1. Go to the Fallout 4 local files.
  2. Open Fallout4prefs.ini file.
  3. Type the following word (iNumHWThreads=X)

Solution 2. Update your game

If you do not update your game to the latest version you may face a Fallout 4 long load time issue. its simple solution is to update your game to the latest version. and it will solve the long load time problem in a few minutes. Restart your computer and again click on the Fallout 4 game icon. Download fallout 1 from this site click here.

Solution 3. Update your Graphic Card driver

Long load time issues can be caused by the Graphic card driver. if your graphic card driver is out of date or you are using the wrong graphic card driver you may meet this problem, if you want to solve this issue you need to update your graphic card drivers. it will also improve your graphic card driver. you can update your graphic card driver in two ways either manually/automatically.

Solution 4. Lunch in Windows Borderless mode

If you are using full-screen mode while playing the Fallout 4 game it may cause a long load time issue. in this situation, you need to change the setting and launched the game into Windows borderless mode, steam download link. Steps are given below

  • Step 1

Exit Fallout 4 completely.

  • Step 2

Run steam and click library to view your game list.

  • Step 3

Select Fallout 4 in the list and then select properties.

  • Step 4

Switch the General tab when the pop-up windows appear. then click SET LUNCHES OPTIONS.

  • Step 5

Run the lunch option “windowed-noborder”. now press ok to save the changes.

Solution 5. Change FPS Settings

Fallout 4 long load times issue may be caused by the FPS setting (Frames Per Seconds). Fallout 4 allows you to select a predetermined FPS value According to your requirement. to solve the issue you can also change the FPS setting.

  • Step 1

In Fallout 4 go to the options>videos>Graphics.

  • Step 2

Click on the option maximum FPS and move your slider to the maximum value.

Restart your computer and hopefully, your issue will be solved. if not then move to another method.

Solution 6. Move Fallout 4 to an SSD

If you don’t have SSD drive then buy it because it is very helpful while you are playing games. it increases the performance of your computer system also improves the speed ability of your game. Benefit on install SSD because SSD runs faster to read the game and takes a short Fallout 4 loading time.

Solution 7. Disable the Cloud Sync

Fallout 4 long load times cause the game to save files that is large and not everyone has high upload speed,

  • Step 1

Lunched Steam.

  • Step 2

In library Tab. Right-click on Fallout 4 and choose properties.

  • Step 3

Click on updates.

  • Step 4

Make sure, the checkbox on the bottom is empty.

Solution 8. Windows update

You might Also experience the fallout 4 long loading times issue if your Computer system is outdated. if your issue Fallout 4 long load times is not fixed then try this method. Steps are given below

  • Step 1

Press Win+I to open settings.

  • Step 2

Select Update&Security.

  • Step 3

Choose Windows Update from the left pane and then click check for updates.

  • Step 4

Update all the recommended updates and start Fallout 4 hope your Fallout 4 long load times issue will be solved

Fallout 4 long load times