Best Way to solve Fallout 4 Crash on Startup

So many players face this experiencing Fallout 4 Crash startup on pc. you don’t know what you’ve done to cause the problem? and it is the biggest problem for many users. but you are going to find the right solution in this article.

Fallout 4 keep Crashing on Startup

some players faced this error Fallout 4 crash on loading, and some have Fallout 4 crashing after a few minutes. some Antivirus Software, Video resolutions, graphic card issues, and Hardware issues.

Solutions of Fallout 4 Crash error

  1. Install the Latest patch
  2. Update your graphic card driver
  3. Configure Setting in your Fallout 4
  4. Adjust compatibility settings
  5. Temporarily disable your antiviruse
  6. Delete the game files and then reload again
  7. Make change in setting
  8. Check and repair if there is any corrupted files in your device
  9. Mouse acceleration issue

Solution 1. Install the Latest Patch

Game Developers update their game settings, graphics performance, and much more things time by time to provide better performance for the users and protect their data from hackers. if you have an old version of Fallout 4 you can face a Fallout 4 crash error just update your game patch to the latest version and your problem will fix. after updating your game to the latest patch restart your computer and start your game. if it does not work then try another method

Solution 2. Update Your Graphic Card Driver

Missing or outdated graphic card drivers can cause Fallout 4 crash errors. make sure you have the latest version of GPU installed on your computer to avoid this issue. update your drivers,

  • Step 1

Press Win+X and select Device Manager from the menu list.

  • Step 2

Click on the Display adapter option.

  • Step 3

Right-click on the graphic device and Select update drivers.

Fallout 4 Crash on startup
  • Step 4

In the pop-up window, click on Search automatically for updated driver software.

  • Step 5

If your windows couldn’t update it, then download the latest driver version from your graphic card manufacturer’s websites visit

Solution 3. Configure setting in your Fallout 4

Improper setting of Fallout 4 can lead to the crash problem, you can avoid this error by configuration the setting below.

  • Step 1

Check your computer resolution and match it the resolution set it your fallout 4

  • Step 2

Go to the graphic adapter and resolution section in the fallout 4 option, and check on Windowed mood and borderless. Click ok to save your change.

  • Step 3

Check Disable intro video and uncheck unable god rays

restart your computer and check your problem Fallout 4 crash error will remove.

Solution 4. Adjust compatibility settings

Fallout 4 crash on loading, change the compatibility setting in this process the game run better. steps are written below.

  • Step 1

Go to the game installation folder. if you can’t find it, you can open it on steam,

  • Step 2

Right-click on Fallout 4 .exe and select properties.

  • Step 3

Check the Compatibility tab and check the Disable full-screen optimizations and run this program as an administrator.

  • Step 4

Click on the high DPI setting.

  • Step 5

Select “ scaling performed by” drop-down menu click ok.

Solution 5. Temporarily disable your Antivirus

the antivirus program in your computer is possibly incompatible with your Steam games, including Fallout 4. Disable your Antivirus to run the fallout game.

Solution 6. Delete the game file and then Reload again

This is the best technique to resolve the issue. just delete some files and reload the game with the help of steam. by doing this you can easily find the solution to Fallout 4 crashing. just follow the steps which are given below

  • Step 1

open the steam client and go to the library section.

  • Step 2

Right-click on uninstall option.

  • Step 3

Windows will be popped up showing the delete option just click on it.

  • Step 4

Now close this steam client and then delete any files that are leftover.

  • Step 5

restart your pc and reinstall the steam making use of the steam client.

you will play Fallout 4 without any error.

Solution 7. Make change in Setting

Incorrect setting saves in your device automatically. this is a very common issue for many players who face Fallout 4 stop working. follow the given steps.

  • Step 1
windows resolution

check your game resolution will be the same as the desktop resolution.

  • Step 2

click on both options Windowed mode and Borderless.

  • Step 3

Simply insert records enable intro video.

  • Step 4

unchecked enable god rays option found in the Fallout 4. your issue will be resolve.

Solution 8. Check and Repair if there is any corrupted files in your device.

you can also scan and repair the corrupted file on your device. just for Windows 10 users only. download and then install the Reimageplus, it will detect the problems and scan all the files it is very helpful for the users.

Solution 9. Mouse accelearation issue

  1. Browse to C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Fallout4,
  2. Locate ‘Fallout4config’ and open it.
  3. Change iPresentinterval =1 to iPresentinterval =0. Do the same with ‘Fallout4prefs’ and ‘bForceIgnoreSmoothness’.

4. Save the change and close the Windows.

the following instruction is to verify the integrity game file.

Restart your pc and relaunch your steam client


I hope these share fixes help you to fix the fallout 4 crashing error. if you want to ask any questions comment below I will replay thanks. you can download Fallout 1 from this site