Fortnite: How to catch a weapon while fishing in the video game?

Fortnite: how to catch a weapon while fishing in the video game?

Like every week, new quests and challenges have been posted on Fortnite . Most of them have to do with the movie “Free Guy” , some focus mainly on fishing. Indeed, players are asked to fish a weapon during a game.


You are well aware that fishing is one of the “big” additions of chapter 2 of the game. This is why Epic Games intends to play on it to include some challenges related to this practice . May this time around, it’s not about big game fishing.

Indeed, as we told you above, your primary goal is to pick up a weapon to complete a Fortnite quest . It would still be necessary to know where to look and how to go about it . Nothing could be simpler, just take a look at the lines above.

Because yes, you will understand, we will give you some tips to achieve your goals. This challenge tasks the player with grabbing a gun while fishing. It may seem like a fairly straightforward task to do.

But how you can imagine, other Fortnite players must also succeed in this quest. As a result, you will not be alone and will undoubtedly meet a lot of people before you manage to get the famous object out of the water.

Of course, there are many places on the map where you can feel a little more relaxed about this mission. We advise you to go to places quite far from the center but above all, which rivals do not usually “visit”.

The only problem is that they are likely to think like us and, as a result, they too may go to places that are rarely visited to succeed in their mission . But other tips exist to avoid them and fish in “peace”.

Fortnite: how to catch a weapon while fishing in the video game?
Fortnite: how to catch a weapon while fishing in the video game?


If you did not know it yet, fishing, in the battle royal, is a hobby, of course, but also a means of recovering many resources. Bonuses, healing items or fish , you will always find something in the water.

And as we let you know, you can now nab a weapon in the water . For this, Fortnite players will first have to hunt down one of the fishing sticks that are around the map. Once done, the challenge can begin .

You can then just go to any fishing spot and start fishing . It might take a few tries, but eventually you’ll fish for a gun and complete the challenge. Then comes the most important moment.

Namely, where to fish in a cushy way, without meeting anyone. Such places exist in Fortnite . Indeed, Lazy Lake remains a perfect place for this activity for example. But other players tend to hang out there.

That is why, you can always try fishing in the fishing holes around Shanty Town or Cape Cod , where it is more likely that the place is a little quieter. You are free to try different places and grab your weapon.