Fortnite: How to complete the new challenge and reach the Top 25?

Fortnite: how to complete the new challenge and reach the Top 25?

Reaching the Fortnite Top 1 is not easy. This is why Epic Games has given “pleasure” to its players by offering a simpler challenge during the RIFT TOUR . Namely, reaching the Top 25 with a friend. We show you how.


But before letting you know maybe we should come back to an important point. In particular the RIFT TOUR. Some may not be playing battle royal and don’t know what it is. Note that this is an event involving several artists, including Ariana Grande.

The pop star had been announced for a while on Fortnite . However, it was only during this month of August that she made her visit. Because yes, if you did not know, the singer was announced on April 1 . But April 1st obliges, it was a joke …

We therefore had to wait several months later to really see it land in the game. Two skins of it are now available on the battle pass . In addition to this, a virtual concert of the star was organized.

In addition to the young woman, other singers remain present on the occasion of the RIFT TOUR . And to celebrate, Epic Games has therefore chosen to add some challenges related to the event. In order to collect a maximum of XP during these few days.

Among the challenges offered, you must therefore reach the Top 25 with a friend. A task a little easier than the main one which remains the fact of reaching the Top 1 of a game . Some have already succeeded without worrying too much.

By camping for a few minutes at a location to avoid Fortnite rivals . But doing it together is a little more complicated. Fortunately, our colleagues at Gamerant have just given a tip that should delight most of you.

Fortnite: how to complete the new challenge and reach the Top 25?


First of all, know that it is not at all advisable to attempt this challenge in a “normal” game. The media in effect making it known: “Although most players think they have to do it in a battle royale match , this is incorrect. “

Before adding: “ Fortnite players can also do this quest by participating in other game modes. Which makes this quest easier to complete. ” This is why you should have facilities folds throwing you in” The Pit ” .

Enter The Pit game mode. Then wait for all 16 players to join you. Once the match has started, players can simply open the menu and exit the match ” . By doing this, your quest should end.

Indeed, if players consult the quests tab again, they should see that entering and exiting the game mode counts as a top 25 victory . Since the game mode only has 16 players in total. “

In short, even if you finish last, your Fortnite Weekly Challenge should definitely get fulfilled. One way to save you time without breaking your head too much. Provided, of course, to do it with a friend.