Fortnite: how to find the Slurp factory in the mothership?

Fortnite: how to find the Slurp factory in the mothership?

The Legendary Quest of the Week in Fortnite just happens to be: Getting to the Mothership Slurp Factory . You still have to know how to access it. It could not be easier. You just have to read the following lines.


Indeed, during this article, we will tell you how to complete this battle royal challenge. As you know, Epic Games love to introduce challenges for players of their title . But some are sometimes difficult to achieve.

Fortunately, several media give information to make them hands down. Know, at first, that if you want to succeed in this quest, you will have to be kidnapped . In particular by the vessels being on Fortnite since the update.

Don’t be afraid of alien lives. Because by accomplishing your mission, you will gain 30,000 XP . Which should allow you to make a big step forward in your battle pass and unlock some very cool skins.

Also note that before you launch an assault on the Slurp factory , you will have to meet several criteria. Namely, having successfully completed the other legendary quests of Fortnite week 10 . It is only after that that you will unlock the “sequel”.

New players may not know it, but the factory was on the map before . Until she got sucked into a ship at the start of the season. So you understand what we were telling you above.

The only way to find her is to get sucked in by one of them . Once this is done, other points will have to be honored. But don’t panic, you just need to go a little further down to find out more about it.

Fortnite: how to find the Slurp factory in the mothership?


As you will have understood, the basis of your mission will be to find a UFO that flies over the map. It shouldn’t be too complicated. Indeed, the location of the latter is marked on the game map during a game.

The best way to do this is to jump off the Fortnite bus and immediately fly in its direction. Since this is the very beginning of the game , you shouldn’t get shot by your rivals and therefore die.

Unless a player has already landed, grabbed a sniper, and aimed straight at you… If not, you should be inside the kidnapping beam. Once done, you’ll be taken to the mothership to participate in a mini-game.

It is from this moment that things get tough. A timer will start giving you 1 minute and thirty seconds to try to find the Slurp factory inside the mother ship . When this is done, you will then receive 30,000 XP.

To better visualize this quest, you can always take a look at the videos of Fortnite streamers revealing their game. Thanks to this, you will be able to better see what the ship looks like and where you will need to go to find the location.