Fortnite: how to get the Galaxia 2.0 skin for free?

Fortnite: how to get the Galaxia 2.0 skin for free?

If you ‘ve been playing Fortnite since, at least last year, you couldn’t have missed the collaboration between the game from Epic Games and Fortnite. Indeed, the Galaxia skin was offered to the best players . Well know that this skin could make a comeback in 2.0 mode.


But why bring back an outfit that was already offered last year you will tell us? Unfortunately, on this point, we do not have the answer. As a reminder, last year, Samsung and Epic Games signed an agreement.

This included a special Fortnite event for players with a Samsung Galaxy as their smartphone. The event was a huge success as players from all over the world took part in the competition. The fans fully validate this collab.

Especially since, as we let you know, an outfit was offered to the players of the battle royal. Provided, of course, that you are one of the best. Because yes, the Galaxia outfit was offered only to the best, for free.

And if some dreamed of having it, but did not find themselves “good” enough , they could always console themselves by telling themselves that they could have it in another way. By putting their hand in the pocket of their V-Bucks wallet.

But in case you missed it, know that the following lines could be of great interest to you. Since it is rumored that a return of the Samsung skin could be made. In any case, this is what the SportsKeeda media provides.

The media relaying information from a famous datamineur of Fortnite . It is not about Shiina but about iFireMonkey . This one also has many proven information about the updates of the battle royal and other.

Fortnite: how to get the Galaxia 2.0 skin for free?
Fortnite: how to get the Galaxia 2.0 skin for free?


Recently, many dataminers have unveiled information about a possible new collab between Samsung and Epic Games . It did not take less to make the fans react. And generate some hype among them .

iFireMonkey believes that the Event Horizon set , leaking on social media, is linked to the Fortnite x Samsung collab . For the moment, nothing certain. Despite everything, when we know a minimum of the minor data of the game… We can be optimistic.

The latter only very rarely give false information. This never happens. They manage to “squeeze” into the depths of a title’s data . In order to find explicit files. Giving us a glimpse of what’s to come out.

And regarding the new event, it could well be a new Fortnite x Samsung collaboration . As a result, the Galaxia 2.0 skin could make a comeback. However, it is rumored that the outfit may not be available to everyone.

Indeed, as for the first, it should be distributed to the best . At least as far as the free skin goes. If you’re not among the best… You can still buy it from the in-game store. That way everyone will be happy.