Fortnite: How to hurt enemies with alien weapons?

Fortnite: How to hurt enemies with alien weapons?

How to hurt enemies with alien weapons in Fortnite game? Gameslay gives you more details!


Every day, Fortnite players are invited to take on challenges to surpass themselves! It must be said that the weekly quests in the game encourage fans to play in a unique way to surpass themselves.

Mainly for the purpose of gaining valuable Battle Pass XP. Additionally, Daily Challenges often involve items or NPCs associated with the theme of the current season.

Remember that in this season 7 of Fortnite, the general theme is that of an alien invasion! Thus, from the 12th week of Season 7, there are many quests available for players who need to accumulate XP.

Today, we therefore invite you to discover a new tip that will surely serve you. Indeed, we show you how to inflict damage on your opponents with alien weapons! Eh yes.

Before talking about it, we remind you that fans who have a particular cosmetic product or other rewards in mind must complete their quests as soon as possible. Indeed, they must win the Battle Stars before it is too late!

Additionally, the prizes on the current season’s battle pass will be out of reach at the end of the season. Fortunately, epic quests like the one we’re telling you about today can bring in 30,000 XP upon completion! Just that.

Fortnite: How to hurt enemies with alien weapons?


Today, we are revealing to you the method to be able to attack opponents with alien weapons in Fortnite. Players who therefore wish to do so should go to Holly Hatchery.

This is an area of ​​the Fortnite game that is guarded by intruders. Including AI enemies that will drop the alien weapon Kymera Ray Gun after being defeated.

While at Holly Hatchery, players can easily kill two birds with one stone and complete the other quest for this week 12. So dealing massive damage with an alien parasite attached!

Moreover, know that the boosts given by these parasites could also be very useful. Especially when trying to hurt opponents after getting a Kymera Ray Gun.

Besides, know that the easiest way to hurt the enemy is to attack another intruder. Simply ! Besides, there are several NPCs patrolling around Holly Hatchery.

In addition, they are much easier to defeat than another human opponent. Eh yes ! Also note that killing an intruder with the Kymera Ray Gun will be more than enough to achieve the objective of inflicting damage on opponents with an alien weapon.

And the 30,000 XP reward brings players closer to earning the most Battle Stars in the Fortnite game . But as the end of the season quickly approaches, know that new content is coming soon.

Indeed, the game continues to offer new challenges to players every week! There is no risk of getting bored.