Fortnite: How to inflict damage on opponents’ saucers?

At , we have concocted a new Fortnite guide and we reveal to you how to inflict damage on saucers piloted by opponents ! To your notes!


One of the epic challenges of Fortnite Season 7 , week 12? The one that forces players to deal 300 damage to a flying saucer piloted by opponents.

This quest may seem like a long time to complete ! But it is much easier than you think.

By using this guide Fortnite , players in difficulty can discover where to find saucers controlled opponents! The goal ? Deal damage to them in just a few minutes.

But where to find saucers? There are several places Fortnite players can find UFOs to ride on their own.

There are specific locations where players can travel to find saucers that enemies are piloting. The best, right?

However, these “enemies” are not true human players. And yes, they are aliens . Shock!

If players look at all of the named locations before jumping off the Battle Bus, they should notice that some are marked in purple . This detail should not be overlooked.

Indeed, what this colorful text means is that the location is riddled with aliens and other opposing forces. Take a look:

Fortnite: how to inflict damage on opponents’ saucers?


How does it go then? As soon as players land at one of these named purple colored POIs , they must immediately take cover!

To do this, choose the interior of a house or other enclosed space near you. And yes, because there will be many UFOs flying over the area.

And if one of them spots a player, he will start attacking … So not great!

The Fortnite players should also take this opportunity to search houses. Indeed, this will make it possible to find treasure chests which can possibly contain a powerful weapon to be used against the saucers controlled by aliens.

Once players have their weapons ready to go, they should start taking down one of the above flying UFOs. Note that UFOs have around 600 health points .

Players, meanwhile, will only need to deal 300 damage for the Season 7 Week 12 challenge to be completed. But if players manage to take down one of the saucers completely, a Fortnite Trespasser will come out of the vehicle and start attacking players.

They most often have Kymera Ray Guns on them, but players can choose to fight them or leave the area once the quest is complete. But that’s not all !

The Fortnite players can also simply find another player who controls a saucer. Except as many players choose not to interact with the new flying vehicles , this process may take a bit longer.

So, are you ready to take on this challenge ? At, we believe in you!