Fortnite: How to make a weapon with alien Nanites?

Have you completed all or most of your quests for the week and are looking for a new challenge ? There is no doubt that the mission that we are going to present to you should delight you. The one that asks you to create weapons with alien Nanites in Fortnite.


Whether you’ve been playing Epic Games ‘ battle royal for a long time or not, you know the studio is rolling out plenty of updates anyway. This with the aim of improving the game . Whether in terms of its gameplay or the correction of its bugs.

But “Updates” also allow you to change certain functionalities . For example, in Fortnite , they made it possible to totally change the style of the map that everyone knew. And others allow you to add a great novelty such as the manufacture of weapons.

Because yes, if you did not know it yet, you can now create your own weapons in Fortnite from extraterrestrial Nanites. But in reality, they are not just for creating. Indeed, they are mainly used to improve a weapon.

Our fellow Gamers let know: “The ability to craft weapons has been added to Fortnite recently, as well as the new Alien Nanites item. These items can be used to craft powerful weapons. ” And that is what will help you make your challenge.

But now the question arises, where are the famous Nanites in Fortnite ? Because yes, wanting to improve a weapon is good, but having the necessary equipment is even better. Precisely on this subject, we will give you the answer.

As a first step, we recommend that you go dig inside the I / O chests in the I / O bases and the chests inside the mothership. Although there is a simple method to get some, but it will cost a few credits.

Fortnite: how to make a weapon with alien Nanites?


Indeed, if you cannot find them directly, you can always go for the simplest solution. Namely, buy items directly from an NPC. To purchase Nanites, players must go to Lazy Lake.

Once there, you will need to speak to the NPC named Marigold. She will sell a single Alien Nanite for 150 gold bars. But she has five in stock if players want more. However, to complete the quest in Fortnite , you only need one.

Therefore, you are not going to need to spend all your money to buy the 5 nanites, it would be of absolutely no use to you except to lose money. Once the Nanite is in stock, the most important thing is to complete the mission.

Players can use the item to upgrade certain weapons. Once Fortnite players find a Rare, Epic, or Legendary weapon that can be upgraded, the item bar weapon will have a small icon hovering over it. There will also be an icon on the Alien Nanite, showing that it can be used as a material to modify the weapon.

Now you know what you have to do. Hope this quest doesn’t bother you too much in the future. And that all the details have been communicated to you. Especially since it is not the hardest challenge of the week.