Fortnite: How To Successfully Transport an Alien Sample?

successfully transport an alien sample in fortnite


Good news for gamers! Today, the editorial reveals how to successfully transport an alien sample into Epic Games’ creation, Fortnite. Gameslay tells you everything from A to Z!

Launched in 2017, Fortnite is today one of the most popular video games with gamers. In 2020, the creation of Epic Games had more than 350 million registered accounts.

A significant figure which then proves the success of this extraordinary concept. And the least we can say is that his fame surely comes from his evolutionary capacity.

Indeed, since its launch, the game continues to transform. With each new chapter, updates therefore innovate the experience . And this, to the delight of the players.

The goal ? Attract more and more gamers. Maps, vehicles, weapons. There are therefore many elements to experience changes. In season 4 of the first adventure, fans of the game were able to get around using a cart.

An original mode of transport which was quickly replaced by real cars . But that’s not all ! While the 9th week of Fornite is now available , a brand new quest has just appeared.

Today, we are showing you how to successfully transport an alien sample. This mission will allow you to collect 30,000 XP!

Fortnite: how to successfully transport an alien sample?
Fortnite: how to successfully transport an alien sample?


Fortnite fans are happy to finally be able to discover the 9th SA of the game. Available for a few days, the latter already seems to be causing a sensation among gamers.

And the least we can say is that it also gives players a hard time. To help you, Republic World has just posted everything you need to know to complete the season’s quests online.

Indeed, Epic Games has added a new series of weekly challenges. So much so that the players are already busy raising them. But some seem to struggle to complete these challenges.

In particular that of the Aliens. Eh yes ! The epic mission is not that simple . To succeed, it will then be enough for Fortnite players to land in a safe place. And this, in order to recover the necessary loot.

Afterwards, they should start looking for a rounded circle that has bright red lights on the tips. A total of 7 satellite stations are available on the game map .

The players must then reach one of them in order to collect the sample in question at the feet of the satellite dishes. The 1st is located towards the west of Believer Beach.

The second to the southwest of Slurpy Swamp. For the 3rd, he’s inside Stealthy Stronghold. The others will then be laid out east of Weeping Woods or south-east of Misty Meadows.

Finally, there is one in the underground base . And that’s not all. A final one is available south-east of Craggy Cliffs. There you go, all you have to do is complete this mission!