Fortnite: Tips for activating Switch, XBOX, PS4 and PC crossplay!

Fortnite: tips for activating Switch, XBOX, PS4 and PC crossplay!

If you are Fornite fans, you will love this article. shows you how to activate crossplay on several consoles including the Switch, the XBX, the PS4 or even the PC.


For those who are new to the subject, crossplay is an option that allows you to play the same on various screens. And the Fortnite game was designed specifically for that. A godsend for the millions of players around the world.

If you want to play Fornite other than on PC, we explain the procedure to you. It’s not rocket science.

To do this, you have no choice but to have a PC . Once on the official Fortnite website , you need to click on the small icon at the top right.

If you were already connected to the site later, you must disconnect. Once you have clicked on the little guy, click on the platform of your choice.

In the window that opens, you must give your consent to the various clauses of Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo.

Once accepted, you will need to enter your credentials. Once done, your purchases and friends will be synced. You will be able to play on various platforms. It’s awesome !

If you decide to play Fortnite on the XBOX console , be aware that you will be able to invite PC players. But you can’t do it the other way around. Unfortunately !

Fortnite: tips for activating Switch, XBOX, PS4 and PC crossplay!
Fortnite tips for enabling Switch, XBOX, PS4 and PC crossplay


If you want to play with your PC friends, you must invite them from the EPIC launcher, as specified in the Gentside media.

Once your friends have downloaded the launcher, you will be able to create a squad in Fortnite and invite your PC friends. This is the only possibility.

Note that you can also play with your friends on your cell phone. To do this, you just need to activate the PS4 crossplay.

As for the XBOX, you will have to go to the official Fortnite website and log out of your account. Then, you have to click on the man and select the icon of the PlayStation.

In the window that will open for this purpose, you will only have to enter your identifiers and the rest will follow. So happy ?

The Switch and PS4 cross-play seems inactive for now. However, be aware that this trick also works with the PS5, just that. So, read this carefully …

While the world is therefore hit by a shortage of PS5s, some lucky ones who have managed to get one will be able to activate crossplay for Fortnite . Eh yes.

All you have to do is repeat the procedure that Gameslay has previously listed for you. In the end, you will therefore be able to enjoy Fortnite on multiple screens.

In the news, know that a very controversial Fortnite weapon could indeed make a comeback in the number 1 video game in the world. Just that.

This weapon is none other than a legendary sniper rifle . This weapon was introduced by video game fans in 2017, but it was withdrawn very quickly.