Fortnite: Where to Place Coins On the Game Map?

Like every week, new challenges are available to Fortnite players. And this time, they have a link with the crossover of Free Guy, the film with Ryan Reynolds. In this article, we will show you where to place the coins.

Fortnite: Where to Place Coins On the Game Map?
Fortnite: Where to Place Coins On the Game Map?


Because yes, the most important info is undoubtedly the arrival of this new crossover. If you’ve ever played Epic Games ‘ battle royal, you know the studio is still fond of these collaborations. Marvel, Lara Croft, or even Neymar have already been entitled to it.

And this week, it’s Ryan Reynolds who arrives on Fortnite. The actor will be appearing in the film Free Guy in theaters in a few days. In which he plays an NPC trapped in a video game while having a conscience.

Moreover, on this occasion, Epic Games added challenges, as we let you know, but also a skin of the actor. Several parameters remain to be fulfilled to hope to have it as you can imagine. Quests are quite numerous.

For example, you are going to have to get hit by a moving vehicle, take melee damage, place coins on the map… And speaking of coins, we are just going to give you the solution.

Or rather, a surfer. Indeed, as noted by our colleagues from Republic World, a Fortnite player has just posted a video that will undoubtedly help a large part of the battle royal players. Since it reveals the locations of the coins to be placed.

The video in question can also be found a little further down in the article. So that you stop struggling for hours to complete this simple quest. Especially since, as we remind you, there are other tasks to be fulfilled.

Where to Place Coins On the Game Map in Fortnite?
Where to Place Coins On the Game Map in Fortnite?


Most of the players are interested in the new Free Guy challenges in the game. It is not difficult to complete them, but some players find it difficult to complete a challenge. First of all, be aware that you will have to land in certain places.

This is because Fortnite players have to land at some popular locations like Believer Beach and Dirty Docks to find these Fortnite Coin locations. Keep in mind that all players will try to complete this challenge.

As a result, you probably understand that you will have to be very suspicious before you launch an assault on a quest. Because many rivals will also try to achieve it. And you risk getting killed before you finish it.

So be careful when you land in these places. It is suggested to get into maximum health. And collect enough ammo before you go to complete these challenges. Much like all quests, you will tell us.

Now we invite you to take a look at the video in question to help you with your Fortnite quests. There is no doubt that after watching it, you will finally be equipped to fulfill your objective which is reaching out to you.

Video Credit: HarryNinetyFour