PS5: How to increase the storage space of the Sony console?

PS5: how to increase the storage space of the Sony console?

The PS5 is rare and it is very difficult to buy the new Sony console. The brand has made a new update and players can have more storage.


It’s been several months since the PS5 was released and gamers have flocked to stores to get it. However, many were disappointed since stocks are very limited. While some were hoping to have it for Christmas, Sony seems to have some inventory issues.

Many Playstation fans have not yet had the chance to have the new console. For the moment, the latter seems to be in full shortage and this could last until 2022. The brand seems to be struggling to obtain all the components necessary for its construction.

The players are very annoyed and some are desperate to get it. Despite the stockouts, the PS5 is doing very well and even breaking sales records. Last month, the console has indeed passed more than 6 million copies. It should still sell by the million.

Fans who already have the console in their hands can test it out. Sony has also made a new update affecting storage space . It is indeed possible to have additional storage in order to be able to have more games. We explain everything about it.

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PS5: how to increase the storage space of the Sony console?


After the update of the PS5 , Sony said that it is possible to have more storage space. This mainly consists of having an external medium such as a hard drive or an SSD, explains Jeuxvidé However, it is not necessary to take just any storage and strictly adhere to the indications of the mark.

This is how players should choose a medium that is at least 250 GB. This one can even go up to 8 TB in order to have as much space as possible and not be hassled. Sony has said all the same that it is impossible to connect several media at the same time on the console.

This could indeed lead to some bugs in the PS5 . Then, gamers don’t have to choose just any storage medium. They must ensure that it is “SuperSpeed ​​USB 5 Gbit / s” “. According to our colleagues, the console takes other speeds such as “SuperSpeed ​​USB 10 Gbits / s” or “SuperSpeed ​​USB 20 Gbits / s”.

What matters, therefore, is that players have support that makes USB 3.0. Some media take longer to load than others. It should therefore not be surprising if the console takes a little longer to store the games.