PS5: Top 5 games that have bluffed gamers with their graphics!


We can say that the world of video games has improved . Especially with the PS5. Here are the 5 titles that shine with their graphics. tells you everything from A to Z.



Before the PS5, titles weren’t as developed. Although the consoles that precede it were worth the detour, the first games were not at such a climax .

The design of some games was still rather rudimentary . Especially if we dive into the beginnings of the very first in this area.

Like the first ping-pong game , which only consisted of two white bars and a dot for a ball. It’s far behind, all of that.

Then, home consoles tried to do better , with character games. The first s of them were also well pixelated.

However, this gave a touch of charm and authenticity to these titles. So remember the first time we saw Samus without armor!

Or even that we saw the triangular chest of the magnificent Lara Croft under her turquoise tank top. Ah! the good times.

Anyway, the gaming world has changed a lot. All in all, for our greatest pleasure .

It is clear that the studios are focusing more on the cinematic side of their licenses. This, to create universes that are in short very immersive.

Realism is now taken to the extreme. And we move further and further away from the uncanny valley , or strange valley in French.

Either way, some titles are breathtaking . Some will even say that they have nothing to envy their predecessors.

So what are the most beautiful latest titles in terms of graphics ? So read on to find out.


The latest PS5 games have enough to compete with previous games on older generation consoles . However, PC games also shine for their graphics.

As is the case with Black Myth: Wukong , which we should see in a few years on PC and consoles. In 2023 to be exact.

Another game that looks like a visual slap: Elden Ring . The game didn’t even come out until the first gameplay images made us want to dive into it.

Remember also that the game is greatly inspired by Game of Thrones . So, advice to fans … The game should land in January 2022.

A game that we have already been able to take in our hands and which totally amazes us: Horizon Zero Dawn . Especially since the game will be entitled to its sequel, Forbidden West next February .

Another outing to plan: Crimson Desert , a game in which you can explore a fantastic world, with dream landscapes, all on the back of a dragon!

An Xbox Series X exclusive this time around: Gears 5 . If we regret that the game does not come out on PS5 , it is not magnificent, especially since it plans to nest 4K in 120 FPS. A slap !