PS5: Top 5 of the best screens to play on the console!

PS5: Top 5 of the best screens to play on the console!

Playing the PS5 should be fun. So, there is no question of skimping on the quality of your television screen . Zoom on these televisions which will bring you an incomparable quality of play.


The tt-hardware website therefore had the idea of ​​creating a list of the most beautiful televisions to play the PS5 in peace. There are a lot of brands on the market.

It can therefore sometimes be difficult to find your way around as the offer is large . Gameslay therefore gives you a summary of the best screens on the market.

We start this top 5 with the ACER Nitro XV273K screen. The tt-hardaware media describes this screen as a “top quality” screen.

The screen measures 27 inches, which is not negligible. The advantages of this television are therefore multiple and they should convince you to buy it for your PS5.

Among them, we retain its price, which is not negligible, but not only. Indeed, its 4K Ultra-HD resolution will allow you to play your favorite games with incomparable image quality.

We continue this classification with the BenQ EW3270U screen . This gaming screen is highly sought after by gamers due to its size, which is equivalent to 31.5 inches. Just that.

And that’s not all. Indeed, its improved brightness is a big plus, as it allows gamers who prefer to play the PS5 in the dark to see better than usual. So what are you waiting for?

In third position, we find the ASUS ROG XG438Q. This screen is considered to be the most expensive monitor on the market. But it’s perfect for playing the PS5.


With its 43 inches, its 4K resolution and its anti-reflective panel , this television screen is perfect for organizing video game nights with several people.

The TV has two 10W speakers that will add even more sound effects. The design is very sober, but you should spend quality moments with this television …

In fourth position, we find the BENQ EW3280U. Its 32-inch screen is perfectly suited for worry-free PS5 playing .

The colors are very vivid and you will not damage your eyes if you plan to play for several hours in a row.

You will understand, this screen is therefore made for experienced gamers. The must is its monitor. It is equipped with Eye-Care technology. For more visual comfort even during continuous use, great!

We end this ranking with the Samsung Odyssey G7. One advantage of television that is not to be taken lightly: its curved monitor.

Samsung’s television has 32 inches. Which is therefore more than enough to play in peace. In addition, its monitor is very fluid, perfect for the PS5.

If we look at the interface, we understand why this television is among the best on the market. Indeed, as the media tt-hrdaware specifies, its refresh rate is therefore 240 Hz and a response time of 1 ms.

You can also customize the TV background by playing with the TV’s lighting effects. You will understand, this television is perfect for playing, and this, at all levels.