8 Best Solutions For Unable to Connect to World Minecraft

While connecting to the World in Minecraft you may end up seeing this error message known as “Unable to Connect to the World Minecraft.” It is a very annoying message especially when you start playing this game with your friends.

Luckily in this post, we have the best solutions to fix unable to connect to world Minecraft on Windows 10.

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What Causes the Error Unable to connect to World Minecraft?

After examining multiple tech forums we can easily conclude that the below mentioned are the main causes that trigger this error message while playing Minecraft on Windows 10.

  1. Windows firewall that sometimes mistakenly block apps from running.
  2. Issue in friend list, it’s another problem where you may connect to the stranger’s world but you are unable to connect to your friend’s world. Simply re adding your friends can fix this problem.
  3. Bugs, it is possible that Windows applications are bugged. Updating the game to the latest version can solve your problem.
  4. Internet explorer, browser’s setting may effect others applications or games running in computers.
  5. False positive, antivirus software is know the flag verified application as a threat this might be case with the minecraft on your computer.
  6. Issue with ISP, it can also cause problem, using the vpn can help you connecting to friend’s world.

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How to Fix Unable to Connect to World Minecraft on Windows 10

  1. Re-Add your Friend
  2. Disable Windows Firewall
  3. Update Network Adapter
  4. Enabling Multiplayer
  5. Update Windows and Minecraft to the Latest Version
  6. Create New User Account
  7. Disable AntiVirus software
  8. Use a VPN

Solution 1. Adding your Friend

If you are facing this Error Unable to Connect to World Minecraft then you should try to re-add your friend. It’s the simple solution to fix this error. Sometimes friend’s list gets corrupted so removing and adding your friend can help you fix this problem. If it’s still not working then move on to the next method.

Solution 2. Disable Windows Firewall

Unable to Connect to World Minecraft error can also occur because Windows Firewall prevented it from running. You need to check the Windows Firewall setting and select “javaw.exe” and then Allow Minecraft.

Follow these steps

  • Step 1:

Press win + S to open Search, then type Control Pane and click on it to open.

  • Step 2:

Select Large icons from the upper right corner, and select Windows Defender Firewall from the given list.

  • Step 3:

The pop-up windows will appear. Here select Allow an app or features through windows defender firewall.

  • Step 4:

Select “Javaw.exe” and click on the Change setting option and mark the Private and Public Blocks.

Unable to Connect to World Minecraft

Now you can check to see if you are still getting unable to connect to world error. If the error persists then move on to the next solution.

Solution 3. Update Network Driver

Unable to Connect to World Minecraft error also occurs if you running outdated drivers on Windows 10. To fix it you need to check outdated drivers and then update them to the latest version. This is how you can update drivers.

  • Step 1:

Press the Win + R key to open the Run and type “devmgmt.msc” and press enters to open Device Manager.

  • Step 2:

Double-click on Network Driver to expand the list. The related network driver will appear under it.

  • Step 3:

Right-click on the driver which you are using. Chose Update driver. You can see the below mentioned to get an idea.

Unable to Connect to World Minecraft on Windows 10
  • Step 4 :

Search Automatically for updated driver software. Follow the instruction to finish the procedure.

Solution 4. Enabling Multiplayer

Usually, most players who face Unable to Connect to World Minecraft to world error play its windows version of Minecraft. When you download Minecraft using the Microsoft Store, the XBOX account controls all the settings. In the XBOX account, you can see different options including disabling/enable multiplayer games. You will deal with this problem only if you have turned off the multiplayer option. Because you are not permitting to run multiplayer games, you can’t play Minecraft.

You will have to navigate to your account settings in your Xbox account and fix the permissions. Here’s how,

Unable to Connect to World Minecraft
  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official Xbox website. Sign in using your credentials.
  • Now, click on the tab of Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety. Make sure that the option of You can join multiplayer games is Allowed.
  • Save changes and exit. Restart your computer and log into Minecraft again. Check if the issue is resolved.

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Solution 5. Update Windows and Minecraft to the Latest Version

Another solid solution to fix Unable to Connect to World Minecraft to the world is to Update Windows and Minecraft to their latest version. First, you need to check your windows and Minecraft versions and then update them to the latest version.

  1. Press Windows+ I, hit enter to open the Windows 10 settings

2. Right-click to check the updates. If you see any pending updates download them.

Check Windows 10 Update

Solution 6. Create New User Account

If you see the Minecraft game not work properly on your PC, then create a new user account. It may be your previous user account that is corrupt, so you need to transfer all your data to the new account and delete the older one.

  • Step 1.

Open the administration account go to the settings in the menu bar and click on Accounts.

  • Step 2.

Now click on the family and other users.

  • Step 3.

Select Menu, then click on ” add someone to this PC

  • Step 4.

Windows wizard will appear on how to create an account. A new window will appear to right-click “I don’t have this person’s sign_information’

  • Step 5.

Click the option “add user without Microsoft” now you are ready to create the new Microsoft Account.

  • Step 6.

Details are required fill in the details and chose the password which you can remember easily.

  • Step 7.

Your account has been created. Log in to the account and lunch the Minecraft.

Solution 7. Disable Antivirus Software

Some antivirus software is harmful to the Minecraft game. That’s why you face Unable to Connect to World Minecraft problems. If you have installed any type of antivirus software then disable it temporarily to fix the issue.

Solution 8. Use VPN

Another common reason is that some servers are banned due to different reasons like your city or country. But don’t worry about it simply install the free VPN for Windows 10 to play Minecraft.