Fortnite: A generator makes it easy to find your nickname!

Fortnite: A generator makes it easy to find your nickname!

Finding a nickname that suits us is no easy task… But don’t panic! Machinefloor has just launched an open-access generator that allows you to find the ideal name on Fortnite. Gameslay tells you everything from A to Z.


Before embarking on a new game, there is often a crucial step to take. You will no doubt understand, it is therefore the choice of the nickname.

While some have very little interest in it, others spend long hours there before finding the ideal name. And for good reason! This one will carry you throughout the adventure.

A nickname is above all an identity. So better to love it and assume it. It is therefore a very important choice that deserves reflection.

Who has never regretted having chosen a nickname without having thought about it first? It is through this that other players identify you. We must therefore make the right choice!

But between the lack of idea and the names already used, this step can be very complicated … However, we must not crack. You are much better than a horrible “Fritefrote47Xx”!

This is when the nickname generator comes to your rescue. Developed by Machinefloor, it, therefore, makes it possible to generate a name on Fortnite that will never be a burden.

And on top of that, its access is completely free! Yes, you did hear it. But how exactly does it work? There is nothing more simple!

Just choose between long, medium, and short, then press the “GENR8” button. The generator will then suggest a nickname that will not make you look like an idiot.

And if it doesn’t suit you, you can always start over until you stumble upon the Grail. The Fortnite Nickname Generator is right here!

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Fortnite: A generator makes it easy to find your nickname!
Fortnite: a generator makes it easy to find your nickname! Image: Fortnite


Released in July 2017, Fortnite is essential today as the reference of the Battle Royal type. No other title seems to be able to dethrone it!

But why is the game developed by Epic Games studios so successful? Quite simply because the teams behind it take great care.

Despite a redundant goal in every game: to be the last survivor, players never really have time to be bored. There are always new things!

Each week, the American giant offers new quests and challenges to complete in order to fuel the Battle Pass. There are a ton of rewards up for grabs!

But that’s not all… Fortnite is also and above all the biggest crossover machine that has ever existed. As soon as they have the opportunity, Epic Games studios thus confuse the universe of their little gem with that of other very popular licenses.

Very big sports or music stars are also appearing in the game such as Travis Scott, Neymar Jr, or more recently Ariana Grande.

One thing is then certain, the Battle Royal has not finished talking about him …