Fortnite: Carla Lazzari arrives in the game with the cult emote “Bim bam boom”!

Fortnite: Carla Lazzari arrives in the game with the cult emote “Bim bam boom”!
Image: VEVO

“And that’s good, bam boom” … That’s it, everyone has it in mind. But that’s just the beginning for Fortnite fans! An emote dedicated to Carla Lazzari indeed arrives in the game. Gameslay tells you more!


Because the game of Epic Games has landed in everyday life, and in particular with the celebrations of footballers … But real life sends back some novelties to gamers. And it may send heavy!

The creator of Fortnite indeed announces a collaboration with Carla Lazzari. The young singer has indeed represented France at the Eurovision junior with her title Bim Bam Toi. And then made the buzz!

Recovery in all directions on tiktok , the song exploded particular its number of exposures when the YouTuber Juju Fitcats has taken on a plane. But this time, Bim Bam Toi no longer attacks Tiktok …

It is indeed attacking video games ! It must also be said that, when we have just broken an opponent, we really want to tell him Bim Bam Boom … With each victory, you can send him!

The Bim Bam Toi emote has indeed landed on Fortnite a few hours ago. For the occasion, Epic Games pays a true tribute to Carla Lazzari. No question, therefore, of using only three words from the song.

Gamers will thus be entitled to a swaying straight from the clip ! Of course, not everything will be free: it will thus be necessary to pay some 500 V-Buks to give free rein to the inside of his character.

But the emote still risks creating a buzz ! While quite a few edits of Fortnite had seen the light of day when the song started to go up, fans might as well throw it back and forth.

We must therefore expect a new breakthrough from Bim Bam Boum and Carla Lazzari in the coming weeks. The game has also released some videos to make gamers want to pay for it.


After a social network, here is a game that will put the song in the spotlight. Enough to explode the number of views on Youtube? For now, Carla Lazzari has 85 million views …

But with the enthusiasm of Fortnite players , the counter could quickly climb! Foreign media are indeed starting to take an interest in the rising phenomenon at Epic Games , and which risks signing a lot of victories …

It is therefore likely to make Bim Bam Boom abroad as in France. While the young singer finished in fifth place in Eurovision Junior with her song, she is therefore gaining more and more space.

A second life as unexpected as it is successful, which promises a great career for Carla Lazzari ! The young woman should therefore ride the wave …

And also take pleasure in seeing Fortnite players repeat the lyrics of his song to celebrate their success !