Fortnite: Epic Games’ Halloween plans finally disclosed!

Fortnite: Epic Games' Halloween plans finally disclosed!
Image: Fortnite

Epic Games are already preparing for Halloween and revealing their plans for Fortnite!Gameslay tells you everything.


Of course, it is still summer and Halloween is still two months away! So you wonder why o you about it right now?

Well simply because Epic Games studios seem to have already planned everything for this event! Indeed, they even revealed their plans for Fortnite for the holidays.Suffice to say that this time they have taken a long lead.

Remember that last year, a Fortnite event was organized for the occasion. Indeed, Epic Games has added a large number of new skins for the occasion.

Players have also been able to discover a number of quite frightening changes to the battle royale map . To stay within the theme of course! And they were able to discover new traditions.

By bringing back for example Midas, or rather Shadow Midas, as a boss fight. In any case for this year, Epic Games has already planned everything.

And rather than offering the same event as last year, the video game studios have decided to bring back content from the previous year! Eh yes.

HYPEX shared this information on Twitter. Remember that this is a dataminer which is considered to be a fairly reliable and reputable source of information! We can therefore trust him.

Besides, he has revealed details about the game with precision several times before . We can therefore assume that this time too, his information would be correct! We tell you more.

Fortnite: Epic Games' Halloween plans finally disclosed!
Image: Fortnite


With this new information, it can be said that Fortnite players are eager to find out what Epic Games has in store. According to HYPEX news , Horde Rush mode will be back.

As a reminder, in this mode Fortnite players must survive several rounds against a flood of enemies while scoring as many points as possible. Which ends up in a boss fight!

This event was also available in 2019 for 6 days only. But it was June, not October. So, he might be back for Halloween!

So, we can obviously expect Epic Games to give it a little aesthetic makeover to suit the occasion. But based on HYPEX’s event description, this year’s Horde Rush mode has a lot of similarities to the previous one.

Moreover, players will be able to further increase the points gained thanks to the score multipliers that they can recover during these phases of the game. This time, the enemies will be zombies!

In addition, they will have unique abilities of their own depending on their color.Besides, there are greens, which leave behind a poisonous cloud when they lose!

But HYPEX did not give more information on the boss. Indeed, it could be different from last time. Finally, we can expect the event to also last 6 days, as in 2019. To be watched very closely.