Fortnite: Everything you need to know about the arrival of Gravilancer!

Fortnite: Everything you need to know about the arrival of Gravilancer!
Image: Fortnite

Were you looking forward to it? It is finally coming. Indeed, the Gravilancer will soon be available on Fortnite. This weapon teased since the launch of season 7 has some qualities that should appeal to many players .


But before talking about this new weapon , let’s talk about the arrival of a star, also eagerly awaited. We are of course talking about Ariana Grande. The pop star whose arrival has been expected since April 1.

Because yes, if you did not know, on April 1, several Internet users let it be known that the singer was going to make her visit to Fortnite . Or rather, that skin of his person would be available. It was actually a joke as you will understand.

However, this joke seems to have given Epic Games some ideas. Since the studio will really include the young woman in their battle royal. You’re even going to have two skins of these . Enough to make more than one happy.

The icing on the cake, it will also offer a virtual concert to the fans . Like Travis Scott and Jul a few months ago. Indeed, if you did not know, the two rappers had also offered a virtual concert to all the players on the map.

Since the project had worked very well, it seems that the developers of Fortnite wanted to reiterate their idea. This is why Ariana Grande will give a show during the month of August and will be able to be “performed” with two different costumes.

But if you clicked on this article, it might not be to find out when the pop star is going to be coming. But rather to know what the Gravilancer is. The new weapon of the battle royal will be all the rage.

Fortnite: Everything you need to know about the arrival of Gravilancer!
Fortnite: Everything you need to know about the arrival of Gravilancer! (Image: Fortnite)


For this, our colleagues from Video Games provided several pieces of information. And as you will be able to see, this new weapon will look like the Recycler. In any case with regard to ammunition. Since these were not classic.

With the Gravilancer on Fortnite, several possibilities are available to you. The media in fact making it known: “The principle of the weapon is quite simple: you will be able to attract objects to you . That you can then throw at enemies to inflict damage on them. “

Before specifying that the bigger and stronger the object , “the more damage you will inflict on your rivals . ” But this is not without risk for you. Because you will have to do several calculations before using it:

“You have to understand that the time to attract the object, then to swing it can be problematic. Because by restarting the operation, you will remain very vulnerable to shots. It is therefore above all a weapon that can be used under specific conditions ”.

Still a few days to wait before being able to test this new object on Fortnite. In the meantime, you can still get an idea of ​​her skin and what size she will be. By watching the video below.