Fortnite: How to find the alien bulletin board?

Fortnite: How to find the alien bulletin board?
Image: Fortnite

Season 7 of Fortnite is far from having said its last word. The popular game from Epic Games still has surprises in store for players. This time Gameslay will need you to find the Alien Billboard.


The Fortnite game never ceases to be talked about. As the years go by, the producers of the game go above and beyond to provide a unique experience for its players.

A few days ago, we told you about the arrival of a superstar in the video game. And the latter is none other than singer Ariana Grande.

Indeed, Epic Games unveiled just yesterday the first images of the star in the game Fortnite. An arrival with great fanfare was announced by the singer in person on Twitter.

Everyone knows that the Fortnite game is constantly reinventing itself. By integrating known characters into the game, Epic Games wishes to convert as many people as possible to play on a network.

While Chapter 8 is scheduled for the next few months, Chapter 7 continues to be talked about. This time, several media specializing in video games, are interested in an extraterrestrial billboard.

What makes the strength of the Fortnite game is above all and above all the power to embark on parallel worlds. And Epic Games offers players an immersion with… aliens.

The site has thus got its hands on this panel that creates envy in Fortnite. And to get it, you have to follow a specific protocol.

Fortnite: How to find the alien bulletin board?
Fortnite: How to find the alien bulletin board? Image: Fortnite screenshot


As the editors specify, the first thing to do for this quest is obviously to “get your hands on this famous detector”. Eh yes.

To do this, they recommend to “go to the town of Misty Meadows, in the south of the Fortnite map” . Then it’s a snap.

Once you have arrived safely, all you have to do is go “to the south-eastern part of town”. It is at this precise moment that you get your hands on said detector from the Fortnite universe.

As specifies, “you will find there the detector that we indicated to you in red”. You will then have to walk to get your hands on the display panel, so it is indicated in blue.

Once you get your hands on it, you just have to use the detector to complete the challenge. We have put an image above to show you more precisely the procedure.

As you will have understood, the Fortnite game still has many surprises in store for fans of the game from Epic Games. And since good news never comes alone, know that two new cult characters from the Street Fighter saga are coming to Fortnite in the coming days. Just that!

After Ryu and Chun-Li, available for purchase since February in the popular Fortnite game store, Cammy and Guile are entering the game. And so it’s far from over.