Fortnite: J Balvin will soon have his skin in the video game?

Fortnite: J Balvin will soon have his skin in the video game?

It seems that Epic Games wants to highlight the artists in its battle royal. Indeed, a few days after the arrival of Ariana Grande on Fortnite, it would be J Balvin who would be preparing to have his own character in the game.


If you’ve never played the most famous battle royale in recent years, you might not understand what we’re talking about. And if this is the case, know that what we mentioned above is correct.

Indeed, Ariana Grande was entitled to her costume on Fortnite. Moreover, the beautiful was to land much earlier than the month of August. Because on April 1, many Internet users suggested that the pop star was going to land.

But if you pay attention to the date, you understand that it was an April Fool’s Day. In reality, it wasn’t much of a joke. Considering that at the time of this writing, rumors were becoming reality and the artist was landing in the game for good.

It was during the Rift Tour event that Epic Games made its skin available. With other artists, Ariana Grande gave a virtual concert to all the players on the map. As it might have been with Jul and Travis Scott before.

And that seems to have given the studio some ideas. Because a new artist could soon make his arrival. As we let you know above, the Latin rapper, J Balvin. This one had already made an appearance on Fortnite.

The Net cost media recalling indeed that on the occasion of the last Halloween, the singer participated in a new virtual concert. But this time, it would not be for singing that he would land on the battle royal. But well and good to be able to play with him.

Fortnite: J Balvin will soon have his skin
Fortnite: J Balvin will soon have his skin in the video game? (Image: Fortnite)


But is this info true or is it a rumor? No, his arrival is indeed confirmed. The HYPEX data miner itself giving the info. If you know a minimum of in-game data miners, you know we can trust them.

Proof of this is with Shiina, still revealing proven information about Fortnite. Regarding HYPEX, it was therefore leaker the skin of J Balvin. Our colleagues, for their part, first let it be known:

J Balvin will be joining the Idol series. Alongside other artists such as Marshmello, Major Lazer, or Ariana Grande. As of now, we know absolutely nothing else about the J Balvin skin in Fortnite, like its price or release date. “

The media also let it be known that the costume would currently be in the game’s file system after patch 17.40 as revealed by HYPEX. The data miner having succeeded in breaking the encryption key of the .pak which contains the skin of Will Smith in Fortnite.

We will therefore have to be patient to find out more about this. Whether it’s the release date of this skin but also its price. No doubt this one should cost the battle royal community a few V-Bucks.