Fortnite: The new Mecha Morty Fortnite rick skin puts players at a disadvantage?

Fortnite: The new Mecha Morty Fortnite rick skin puts players at a disadvantage?

The fans Fortnite waiting hastily. But in the end, they may well be disappointed . Indeed, the Mecha Morty skin might turn out to be stylish, but would put players at a huge disadvantage. We will also explain why.


Reading these first lines, you are probably wondering how a skin would impact a game . Since these are supposed to have no “power” during a game. Just take the example of Superman.

This one, present in Fortnite for some time now, does not allow players to fly in the air. Which would give them a serious advantage. So why would Mecha Morty’s one have an impact on how you play in Epic Games ‘ battle royal ?

Quite simply because it would make it easier to be spotted by enemies . Indeed, our colleagues from Gamerant gave several information on this subject that we will relay to you later in this article. But this info reminds us of another.

Several months ago, another skin was also a concern. This had an impact on the player’s view in his party Fortnite . The backpack encroaching on the aim, the object prevented from seeing its target well and sometimes made us miss an enemy during a duel.

This time around, Morty’s robot doesn’t have that impact. However, it would still handicap many players . As a reminder, The Rick Sanchez skin was introduced during the last Fortnite season (Invasion). A theme is entirely devoted to extraterrestrials.

This is why, many skins related to the Aliens landed in the game . Including Superman, Rick and Morty and many others. But before they consider introducing costumes, maybe the developers should check that they aren’t crippling a game.

Fortnite: The new Mecha Morty Fortnite rick skin puts players at a disadvantage?
Fortnite: Morty’s new Fortnite skin puts players at a disadvantage?


But in the end, what is the problem with that of Mecha Morty ? Does his armor hide the aim of the players? Would he be “slower” than the others in his movements? Or would it bug a part after several minutes?

No, none of that. Indeed, if there is a problem with this “costume” in Fortnite , it is because it is too “showy”. You just have to take a look above , and see the skin in question, to understand what we are talking about.

Moreover, that of Rick also presents the same concern. The way the skins are drawn would hurt players. The problem is that the costumes for Rick and Morty are both very distinctive . With their cell shading.

And everyone knows that the main goal of Fortnite is to “hide” to better surprise your rivals . Or at least not to get spotted first before launching an assault in an attempt to defeat enemies.

It remains to be seen what the game developers will decide whether they will choose to remove Morty’s skin or modify it . In order to make a game more balanced without the players being spotted unintentionally.