Fortnite season 7: where to place video cameras in the video game?

Fortnite season 7: where to place video cameras in the video game?

The alien threat continues to hang over Fortnite . In this new week of season 7, Doctor Sloane asks players to place video cameras in different places on the map .Gameslay tells you everything from A to Z.


Each week, Fortnite teams offer new quests for players. Beyond the accumulated experience, these make it possible to take part in history.

And this week, the legendary challenge is to place video cameras in specific locations. Yes that’s all. But it can turn out to be more complicated than it seems.

First of all, you should know that there are a lot of them hidden on the game map. So you won’t have any trouble finding them. And to accomplish the mission, you just need to find three !

The 2051 site lists 17 locations that you will find on the map below. Once the video cameras are in your pocket, go to them.

There are two of them at Coral Cast . The first is in the west, near the path down to the castle, while the second is in the east, near the wreckage of the plane.

You can also go to Believer Beach and drop the item on the left, on the hill overlooking the beach. Two locations also appear around Slurpy Swamp.

The first is near the bridge that leads to the factory and the second is northeast of the factory , right next to the whiteboard. Easy !

Boney Burbs is one of the best places to place the famous cameras. You can do this at the gas station, but also on the hill to the south.

Of course, as always, you have to stay on your guard . Other players will not hesitate to shoot you when you search or place the items.

Gameslay tells you more about Fortnite !

Fortnite season 7: where to place video cameras in the video game?


Launched in July 2017 by Epic Games studios , Fortnite appears today as an essential title. Everyone knows him !

Among the many “Battle Royale” available on the market, it then stands out as the one that meets the most success with players.

But why is this game so popular? Quite simply because the teams behind it take great care ! Nothing more.

Despite a fairly simple mechanic and a redundant goal in every game, players never really have time to be bored. There are new things all the time !

Each week, the developers offer new quests and challenges to complete in order to fuel the Battle Pass. There are a ton of rewards up for grabs!

They also organize many events that players can take part in. But Fortnite is also and above all the greatest crossover machine that has ever existed.

Epic Games constantly confuses the universe of its little gem with that of other very popular licenses . Among them, we find games, but also films and series.

There is something for every taste ! We let you discover the legendary challenge of the week.