Fortnite: the Wonder Woman skin soon available in the video game?

Fortnite: the Wonder Woman skin soon available in the video game?

DC fans and superheroes, you will be delighted. Indeed, a new skin of the franchise will land on Fortnite within a few days. It is that of the Amazon heroine Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince.


This is not the first time that a “costume” representing a hero of DC Comics arrives on the battle royal. Indeed, before Wonder Woman, it was Batman and Superman who were entitled to their own skin in the game from Epic Games.

But those preferring the warrior awaited the arrival of Diana Prince impatiently . Their wish has just been heard. Because as we let you know, Fortnite is preparing to put the character and member of the Justice League online.

However, as Video Games notes , we will still have to be patient. Before having this skin and its variant in armor. Indeed ” the two sets will only be available from August 20 in the game store.”

In other words, three more days to cheat your brake to finally get your hands on it. Despite everything, our colleagues brought good news to all of this. Know that it would be possible to have it in advance.

Because according to the media, Fortnite will soon organize a competition to win the skin before everyone else . Our colleagues, making it clear: “from August 18, Fortnite is organizing the Wonder Woman Cup to be performed as a duo. “

Before adding: “In the company of one of your brothers in arms, you must participate in a maximum of 10 games in the space of three hours. In order to garner as many points as possible. ” And as you’ve probably figured out, the tournament can save Wonder Woman.

Fortnite: the Wonder Woman skin soon available in the video game?
Fortnite: the Wonder Woman skin soon available in the video game?


But how to win it by participating in the tournament you will tell us? Nothing could be simpler . You will have to rank among the best teams in each region. If so, you might receive the infamous skin.

On top of that, you can even get Diana’s cloak in Fortnite . On the other hand, as we have just explained to you, it will be necessary to succeed in ranking among the best teams. Because if you do not succeed, it is until August 20 that you will have to wait.

Once this date is reached, the costume will be uploaded at 2am . But be aware that this is not the only “item” to land in the battle royal store. Once again, Jeux Vidéo indicated the novelties which were going to arrive.

In particular objects related to Diana Prince . Whether it’s the Golden Eagle’s Wings glider or Athena’s Ax pickaxe. But also the Trinity DC loading screen or the Cape of Diana accessory. A nice list that should delight more than one.

It remains to be seen if you will manage to have Wonder Woman before everyone else in Fortnite . Or if you are going to do the majority, waiting for August 20 and 2 a.m.