Fortnite: Top 10 best skins for summer 2021!

Fortnite: Top 10 best skins for summer 2021!

At Gameslaywe unveil the best Fortnite skins for a refreshing summer ! To your notes!


With over 1000 skins available in Fortnite, many can deliver amazing summer looks and refreshing outfits. The best, right?

Epic Games has always been straightforward! He wants Fortnite players to be able to play as a plethora of different characters, whether they are original characters created by Epic or licensed characters who may come to the game from time to time.

But that’s not all ! There are also a lot of concerns associated with skins, one of which is that they make players easier or harder to hit depending on what they’re using.

The hitbox of each character therefore remains the same, regardless of their skin. However, there are some skins that make players stand out more. And for good reason…

Some might end up being spotted more easily by enemies because of the proportions or just because they are brightly colored. For those looking to enjoy the summer anyway , there are a few skin options that stand out in Fortnite .

The new Ariana Grande skin is therefore one of them. Unsurprisingly, he has already won over many fans with his scintillating, frosty look.

It is therefore perfect for fans of the star . But also for gamers who want a cooler and unique look when playing the game.

The Loki skin is from the Marvel series! So it’s a great way to celebrate the series’ success on Disney +.

The must ? It also comes with the glider, harvesting tool, and bling back skins . Take a look:

Fortnite: Top 10 best skins for summer 2021!


The Fishstick skin is more common than the other two. This is because it turns the player character into a fish and is perfect for Fortnite players .

It is also delivered with the Pirate style . The best, right?

On Fortnite, the Star Of The Sea skin is also another summer look for players who want to delve deep into the mysteries of the sea. Currently unavailable, the skin will surely return in October.

The beach bomber , meanwhile, is part of the Sunshine and Rainbows set in Fortnite . It’s a perfect colorful look and it even features a super stylish skateboard.

With its jelly look, the Rippley vs Sludge skin from the Slurp series is a perfect outfit to wear this summer. He also comes with a purple style (Rippley) and a more menacing red style (Sludge).

The Jelly skin is not too different from the ones in Rippley vs Sludge. The difference ? This one is not as gelatinous as the latter.

Rather, it represents a kind of anemone ready to fight . This blue and purple skin is part of the Fish Food set.

The nice Axo skin is part of the Axolotl Attack! It’s a great look that also happens to be very distinctive.

The Summer Drift skin is one and it’s a great choice for a cool beach look. The pack also includes Dual Edge harvesting tools, the Driftstream Glider and the Kitsune Wrap.

A bit similar to the Beach Bomber skin, the Beach Jules is a fresh look. This model combines colorful tattoos, hair and a bikini set for many sea explorations.