Fortnite: where to deploy scanners in the alien biome?

Fortnite: where to deploy scanners in the alien biome?

A new quest has just arrived on the occasion of week 12 in Fortnite . Your goal? Deploy scanners in the alien biome . Some may find it difficult to honor him. If so, don’t panic, the solution lies in these lines.


If you’ve ever played Epic Games battle royal , you already know that the friends of ET have taken over the map since the last updates. This is why the new challenges of the game have a close link with these forms of life from elsewhere.

This is why, for this new quest of Fortnite , know that since the aliens started to take control of the island, many things have happened. Indeed, there were many areas, especially near the Aftermath landmark , covered with a purple colored substance.

These spots on the map are not of human origin as you might expect. But players will need to travel to these locations in order to find the scanners and deploy them for the Week 12 challenge. And earn a certain amount of XP.

For the Fortnite quest to be validated, players will have to complete a precursor objective. They will only have to go to two of the scanner locations. To then deploy them and gain their experience . And know that it does not turn out to be that difficult.

Players will be happy to know that there are 6 locations where you can find the scanners that don’t matter. Plus, they’re all pretty close to each other as well, which makes this Weekly Quest pretty easy.

To have more details on this challenge, we invite you to go a little further down in this article. In order to have all the information you need to achieve your goal without too much hassle, or almost . We advise you to take a look at the map below.

Fortnite: where to deploy scanners in the alien biome?
Fortnite: where to deploy scanners in the alien biome?


As you can see, these are the many places in which you will be able to find the grail. Once players enter purple areas , the scanner will glow blue and players will need to interact with it.

These purple biomes aren’t exactly small, so players shouldn’t have a hard time spotting quest items. If, despite everything, Fortnite fans are still struggling, more details came to us from our fellow Gamerant .

The media does indeed know that you can find an alien biome in several places. Southwest of Boney Burbs, northeast of Boney Burbs, east of Pleasant Park . Or north of Corny Complex, south of Corny Complex and northwest of Dirty Docks.

What makes it interesting is the fact that all of these places are quite close to each other. So you should be able to hit two scanners in a game . Especially if you are lucky enough to get around with a fast vehicle like a Ferrari.

It remains to be seen if all this information will allow you to accomplish your Fortnite quest . If you are still struggling to achieve it, other guides exist and maybe you need them to complete your mission with less difficulty.