PS5: Sony is preparing a new State of Play for the end of August 2021?

PS5: Sony is preparing a new State of Play for the end of August 2021?

According to the latest rumors, the creator of the PS5 is preparing a new State of Play for the end of this month of August! tells you more.


On July 8, the creator of the PS5 released a new edition of his State of Play. Indeed, Sony took the opportunity to unveil its novelties concerning the next highly anticipated independent releases on PS4 and PS5.

The event then mainly allowed to unveil new images of Deathloop. Also with the revelation of a sequel to the video game Judgment. But also Death Stranding’s Diector’s Cut.

But in general, gamers seemed rather disappointed with this State of Play. Indeed, one image that they expected to discover even more novelties. So, we can say that they were hungry for more.

But if the latest rumors are to be believed, PlayStation gamers may be rewarded for their patience. Indeed, it seems that a new State of Play is planned for the end of August 2021. So good news for gamers! But for the moment, this one is not verified at all.

Indeed, it is the account of James Jarvis who shared the news on Twitter. According to the producer of the Future Games Show, rumors indicate that the Japanese giant is preparing a new State of Play!

Moreover, he specifies that the news should be officially announced today. The event, meanwhile, should take place on August 19.

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PS5: Sony is preparing a new State of Play for the end of August 2021?


PS5 players are therefore eager to know if a new State of Play will take place at the end of this month of August. Indeed, it should be known that the last event of Sony disappointed them a little.

But what can they expect from this new State of Play from the creator of the PS5? Well the Japanese giant should take the opportunity to announce several new features.

Thus, Sony should for example announce the postponement of the game Horizon Forbidden West to 2022. But should also unveil new unpublished images of the gameplay.

Also, players can also discover a long presentation of Kena. Besides, we should also expect to hear from the Gran Turismo game. Finally, Sony could also unveil a large number of good surprises. But for the moment, the mystery remains unsolved! Without too much surprise.

In the meantime, gamers who still have not been able to get their hands on the famous Sony machine are wondering if they will have a little better luck. It must be said that the console, released several months ago, is still proving to be just as complicated to acquire.

But it looks like it’s getting better. Indeed, some merchant sites seem to have more and more stocks. Sites like Amazon, discount, or even big brands like Auchan and Carrefour are offering more and more consoles for sale. And this every week! So be careful!