PS5: the first minutes of Life is Strange True Colors published!

Fans of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or even Deux EX ? So you are a big fan of the Square Enix studio . The same studio producing the Life is Strange franchise which will be entitled to a new installment on PS5, Xbox and other consoles.


Some may never have played these titles. Indeed, the particular style of this game may not appeal to everyone. The pace is quite slow and the action is not always there . However, the universe is unique. Whether in terms of its sets, its soundtrack or its characters.

Not to mention the gameplay reminiscent of an interactive film such as Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human or Beyond Two Souls from the studio Quantic Dream . In short, a unique style of play that appeals to many as it may displease.

But whether you like Life is Strange or not , a new installment will indeed see the light of day on PS5, Xbox, PS4, PC and Stadia . This is the “True Colors” series . And do not see there any link with the title of Cindy Lauper.

Moreover, Squarenix had already offered us a few minutes of gameplay a few days ago . It seems that the studio is keen to please us since we were once again entitled to 15 minutes of play on PS5 . Our fellow Video Games can take advantage of it.

The media replanting the decor moreover: “the sequence introduces us to the first chapter of the game, entitled“ Face A ”. In which we follow Alex’s first steps in the colorful and peaceful village where her brother lives, whom she has not seen for 8 years . “

Before adding: “These will not be long in being reunited. Which will give you an overview of how Alex’s powers work . These fifteen minutes are also an opportunity for Alex to familiarize himself with the village, to meet its inhabitants, to interact with them. “

PS5: the first minutes of Life is Strange True Colors published!
PS5: the first minutes of Life is Strange True Colors published!


You now know what you will be able to discover in this “demo” . But in the end, what is the story about? What is the main plot? Once again, the media gave the answer by first letting it know:

We follow the story of Alex Chen. A young woman who has the particular gift of feeling the emotions of others. But this heightened empathy even goes so far as to materialize before her eyes by taking the form of colored aura. ” A nice power you say we.

But don’t think this PS5 title will be “restful”. Because her gift should be of great use to her with the drama she is about to experience when you are going to launch into the game. We will not tell you more and let you discover it all.

Either way, you’ll have to be patient. Since the game will not be released until September 10th . One day before, Tales of Arise will be available. Before Deathloop takes over on September 14.

And as you already know, you will be able to play the title on PS5, Xbox Series X and other consoles. Apart from the Switch which will see its version come out a little later in the year.