PS5: the new model of the console already marketed by Sony!

PS5: the new model of the console already marketed by Sony!

Australia is the first country to welcome the new version of the PS5 ! Lighter, it could then make its appearance in Europe in the coming weeks. Gameslay tells you everything from A to Z


What was only a rumor is finally confirmed. According to several sources, Sony was therefore working on a new model of its flagship product .

And it has finally seen the light of day! Last week, the Japanese company supplied Australia with this new version of the PS5 .

But what exactly is she presenting? Much to the chagrin of those who expected a revolution, there is no notable great innovation .

This new model is simply lighter than the old one . And very little! On the scale, it shows only 300 grams less. Yes, you did hear it.

The screws for adjusting the console base have also had the right to a small modification. They can now be tightened and loosened by hand, while you need a screwdriver on the first version. Not enough to panic the crowds.

Available in Australia only , the new PS5 should still migrate to Europe in the coming weeks. And some players are already starting to get impatient.

But what they want above all is to discover the real improved version of the console , announced in July 2021 by the Japanese firm.

This should then show better performance than the initial model tells you more!

PS5: the new model of the console already marketed by Sony!


TOWARDS THE END OF Available for purchase since November 19, 2020, the PS5 appears today as the benchmark for the new generation of consoles . And for good reason !

For long months before its release, Sony fueled the mystery around its new little gem. Something to make the mouths of customers …

The very famous Japanese company then unveiled a machine with an exceptional design, but above all, with extraordinary capabilities. Impossible to resist!

On D-Day, players from all over the world flocked to physical and online stores to get hold of the precious sesame.

Very quickly, the PS5 then deserted the shelves of the latter. And since then, the Japanese firm has struggled to replenish them… The demand is too high!

More importantly, the technology sector is facing an unprecedented shortage of components , directly impacting production.

In its latest press releases, Sony shows its optimism and announces a return to normal for the holiday season . Something to reassure the players.

However, the experts evoke an extended crisis which could well and truly extend over several years… Yes, you did hear. Will the new console model end it?THE SHORTAGE