PS5: The new version of the Sony console will end the shortage?

PS5: The new version of the Sony console will end the shortage?
Image: Sony

Subjected to a shortage of components for several months now, the PS5 continues to be desired . But a new version of the console could end the crisis! Gameslay tells you everything from A to Z.


Available for purchase since November 19, 2021, the PS5 appears today as the benchmark for the new generation of consoles . And for good reason !

It comes with an exceptional design, but above all, with extraordinary capabilities . No one expected such a technological feat.

For many months before its release, Sony has thus fueled the mystery around its new little gem . The Japanese firm knows how to make the mouths of its customers.

On D-Day, players around the world flocked en masse to physical and virtual stores to get the famous machine.

A victim of its own success , the latter very quickly deserted the shelves. She didn’t even last a single day! The public snatched it away.

And since then, she still has not returned … Yes, you did hear. The very famous Japanese company is struggling to feed its stocks!

The cause ? An unprecedented component shortage that is shaking the tech industry. And that of video games is hit hard!

For almost a year now, players who want to get a PS5 have seen the console pass under their nose. The restockings are very thin and run out at breakneck speed.

Especially since unscrupulous scalpers use immoral means to grab entire stocks. They then resell them at exorbitant prices, sometimes twice as high as that displayed by Sony.

But a new version of the console could come to put an end to the crisis…Gameslay tell you more.

PS5: The new version of the Sony console will end the shortage?
Image: Sony


Despite the forecasts of experts who speak of an extended crisis that could extend over several years , the Japanese firm remains optimistic.

In her latest press releases, she thus evokes a return to normal for the end of the year holidays . Yes, you did hear it.

According to her, the PS5 should therefore make a comeback in a few weeks ! And to everyone’s surprise, one country is already enjoying this news.

As you probably know, Sony is therefore working on a new model of its latest console. This is a lighter version, more easily removable .

Available for purchase for a few days in Australia , it thus seems to respond to the current problem. The shelves are filling up with this new machine!

No, you’re not dreaming. There, the players have no difficulty in obtaining a SP5 . A situation in which many others would dream of finding themselves!

And their wish could very soon be granted. The new version of the PlayStation 5 should land in Europe before the end of the year !

It remains to be seen whether it will put an end to the shortage of components… For the moment, nothing is certain yet.