PS5: These Two Free Cult Games On The Console All August!

It has become a tradition. Each month, PS5 offers Two Free Cult Games On The Console to discover new games for free on the Sony console. GamesLay unveils two completely free new products from Sony.

PS5 - these two cult games for free on the console all August
PS5 – these two cult games for free on the console all August


As of August 4, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available for free on the PS5. A few days ago the video game publisher unveiled an updated version for the summer of the game event on social networks.

During a stream, the developers had unveiled the “Summer Update”. The latter is none other than the character of the last season of Street Fighter V Champion Edition.

The latter is presented as being called Luke. A formidable boxer both during matches against his opponents and at a distance. Players who own the PS5 will therefore be able to have fun understanding the character and making him evolve in the arena.

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Players will therefore have the chance to familiarize themselves with the Street Fighter universe for free for a short period of time. Video game aficionados will meet again with Oro, the wandering hermit from previous Street Fighter.

With his purple dress and brown rope belt, Oro, therefore, forces himself to keep his pet turtle in his right or left hand. In order to challenge yourself and maintain a balanced fighting style.

Players who own the PS5, therefore, have until August 18 to try the new fighting game on the PlayStation Store. Note that all the characters from seasons 1 to 4 are available in this new edition, so don’t hesitate.

PS5 - these two cult games for free on the console all August


In addition to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, the Windjammers 2 game is therefore also offered a beta version to discover on PS4, PS5 but also PC. And this, until August 22.

Windjammers 2 was therefore initially scheduled for August 2018. However, it took a lot longer to design the video game than expected, which is why the game is only coming out of the ground this year.

Since Wednesday, August 11, a Beta version thus allows more players to discover the universe of this video game. And aficionados don’t seem disappointed.

In this free trial version, gamers will therefore have access to different playable characters. Including Steve Miller who signs his return in this opus.

If you are feeling more comfortable and are looking for a character who has your head on your shoulders, players unanimously advise you to go for the sportsman Biaggi. Eh yes.

Another character who is talked about a lot on social networks, Sophie de Lys. The young lady is very fast, so you should like her. Some also mention the name of Gary Scott.

In the free game available on PS5, you will therefore have the opportunity to walk around different places. As reported by the jeuxvideos-live media, several places will be available. Among them, a beach, a stadium, a ring, or a rooftop dotted with bumpers). And the good news is that the beta is PS4 and PS5 crossplay. What are you waiting for?