PS5: where to pre-order the new game “Tales of Arise” for the console?

PS5: where to pre-order the new game "Tales of Arise" for the console?

RPG and Japanese culture fans are looking forward to September 9 . Output Day Tales of Arise on SP5 , Xbox X Series and other media. In this article, find out where to pre-order it and all at the best price.


But before thinking of pre-ordering it on the new Sony console , it would still be necessary to have it. And you know that it is still as rare as gold . However, good news just came out a few days ago.

Or rather, news that will multiply your chances of finally having the PS5 in your hands. Indeed, the pro version of the technological jewel of the Japanese firm would arrive soon. ” Already ? Some will say. Well yes.

Technical expert Tom N / A of the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead threw out several pieces of information on the subject. He could have had many details about Sony’s plans . And according to him, in two years, the pro version could arrive.

We will therefore have to wait a while before we can get our hands on it . Still, it proves that technology is advancing at the speed of light. A pro version had never seen the light of day so quickly after the release of an original console.

And if this is the case, the Japanese firm would prove that it has serious talent in the field . Although everyone knew about it. If that happens, it would also make the “normal” PS5 a little less rare.

As a result, the many players who have not yet been able to get it would have a better chance of winning it. Which would allow them to play Tales of Arise . Because yes, the title of Bandai comes out in a few weeks to the delight of fans.

PS5: where to pre-order the new game "Tales of Arise" for the console?
PS5: where to pre-order the new game “Tales of Arise” for the console?


As you can imagine, it will be possible to nab the title on several merchant sites. But the easiest way is undoubtedly to go to Amazon, Fnac or even Cdiscount . Our colleagues from Presse Citron detailing the content of the standard version.

The price will be between € 59.99 and € 69.99 depending on the retailer and version. The price may vary depending on a purchase on the PS5 or on PS4 . Note, however, that if you take the PS4 version , you will be entitled to the free upgrade to the next-gen.

PS5 Black Screen after PS logo error

In addition, we advise you to pre-order your game. Since several bonuses can be found thanks to this process. The media in fact making it known that you will be entitled, by pre-ordering the game, to: “ Personalization elements for Alphen and Shionne ” .

This includes the Reconciler’s Armor: Alphen, the Noble Ashes outfit: Shionne or the Black Nether Tiara hairstyle: Shionne. In terms of accessories, you will be entitled to the black left wing; Black right wing; White left wing; And the White Right Wing.

In addition, you will even have exclusive recipes: Mabo curry bread ; Fisherman’s hot pot; Oriental rice; Fruit sandwich and 16 foods. It remains to be seen whether you will order on PS5 or on another medium.