Fortnite: How to successfully deliver a saucer to Rick Sanchez?

Fortnite: How to successfully deliver a saucer to Rick Sanchez?

How to deliver a saucer to Rick Sanchez in Fortnite? shows you everything!


Fans of the Fortnite video game have surely made good progress in this new chapter of their favorite game! And we must admit that the weeks go on and the challenges are becoming more and more challenging.

In any case, this does not scare Fortnite fans. On the contrary, with the many challenges they have to face, they don’t really have time to be bored.

But sometimes a little push doesn’t hurt. That’s why today we decided to give you a hand on a specific challenge.

Fans who are now at week 12 of season 7 of the game must deliver a saucer to Rick Sanchez . Today, we are giving you some tips to achieve this.

Besides, we must admit that it is one of the epic quests of season 7 of the game. But to accomplish this task, players must first know where to find the famous saucer in question.

Then find out how to steal it and find the location of the Defiant Dish. Which means there’s a pretty good chance that a player will get stuck!

Thus, for the players who can not get by, we suggest you follow some tips to complete this mission successfully. We show you where to find the saucer and how to steal it!

Fortnite: how to successfully deliver a saucer to Rick Sanchez?


Fortnite’s new challenge therefore asks players to find a saucer for Rick Sanchez. You should know that there are several options to find a UFO.

And the easiest way is to take one that has simply been abandoned. Indeed, you should know that there are a number of abandoned saucers scattered all over the Fortnite map.

There are indeed in front of Kevolution Energy, under the bridge, inside the large power plant and in the Durr Burger drive-thru. You choose where you want to go to pick up an abandoned saucer.

But beware, players will have to pick them up at the start of their matches. And of course, they risk coming face to face with an opponent ready to find out! Without too much surprise.

Once you have located a saucer, the player must approach it and press the entry that appears on the screen to “steal” it. It’s that simple ! This action will then start the fans inside the cockpit.

And the player will finally be able to move the UFO as he wishes. Be aware that you can also improve movements with special actions. Besides, the boost action will be useful for delivering the saucer to Rick Sanchez at Defiant Dish.

Finally, as for where players need to pick up the saucer, Defiant Dish, it’s located east of Weepinng Woods in Fortnite. Besides, the challenge will be marked as soon as the players enter the zone!