PS5 Pro: The highly anticipated new console will be released in 2023?

PS5 Pro: The highly anticipated new console will be released in 2023?

Will the PS5 Pro be available in 2023? Gameslay tells you everything!


Last November, video game fans were happy to see the PS5 hit the market! But you should know that since its release several months ago, the console is still experiencing some availability issues.

Indeed, remember that the famous console was out of stock. Besides, finding it had become a real obstacle course. Some even took the opportunity to increase the prices of the famous consoles.

Thus, on some merchant sites, Internet users have allowed themselves to resell the famous console at crazy prices. Indeed, they took advantage of the situation to line their pockets behind.

Fortunately, stocks are becoming more and more available. Which is therefore good news for fans of video games and game consoles.

Now, it’s a new rumor that intrigues gamers. Indeed, it seems that the PS5 Pro would be scheduled for 2023. That is only 3 years after the original console.

Yep, a new PlayStation model could be on the way in just a few years. Note that the PS5 is the most powerful console that Sony has ever released ! Eh yes.

But gaming technology is still advancing very quickly. Which therefore means that Sony must plan the next console years in advance.

PS5 Pro: The highly anticipated new console will be released in 2023?


A new rumor therefore suggests that a new Pro model of the PS5 could be released as early as 2023! Eh yes. Moreover, we already know that a PS5 Digital model will be released in the coming months. But this is only a slightly updated design.

But according to new rumors, a full-fledged PS5 Pro could be released much sooner than expected! Tech expert Tom N / A of YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead has revealed some interesting information about the possible release of this new console.

When asked if Sony was going to release a PS5 Pro and if so when, he replied: “I know they will in 2023”. So it could well happen as he predicts.

In addition, he said his industry sources told him about this difficult time. But that they had not revealed any other details on the console. The mystery therefore remains unresolved.

Tom still predicts that a PS5 Pro model would be a “big leap” from the previous PS4 Pro model and could cost over $ 600. In any case, video game fans are really hoping to see the new machine arrive in 2023.

In the meantime, some rumors are already talking about upcoming games on the new machine . Besides, it seems that Bloodborne dev FromSoftware is working on a new game. Yes!

A brand new Wipeout game is also reportedly in development for PS5. In fact, PlayStation fans have been waiting for the return of this classic series for ages!

Finally, it seems that the stocks of the famous machine are available again! Good news for those who have not yet had the opportunity to buy it.