PS5: Top 10 best console games in 2021!

PS5: Top 10 best console games in 2021!

How time flies ! The first anniversary of the PS5 is already approaching. It seems very fast for those who have had a hard time getting their console due to stockouts and the health crisis. On the occasion of this event, Gamwslay unveils below a Top 10 of the best console games in 2021!


Although the PS5 took a long time to be received in all homes , its success has remained intact. It must be said that the design is quite impressive. And the craze around the Sony machine got the better of her.

On social networks, everyone wanted her! On some online sales platforms, its price has even exploded ! And during this time, the console catalog has taken shape with several very powerful games.

Here is precisely a top 10 of the best PlayStation 5 games to date in 2021 . Let’s start with “It takes two” . The rating of this game is very high. And it is not a simple coincidence! Original and addictive, we love it!

Another game that makes a lot of talk, “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” . Even if the Spider-Man is everyone’s agreement, this game is an exception. And for good reason ! It is then one of the first large intergenerational video games in the open world.

This game is quite intense and engaging for a quality player. Let’s also talk about “HITMAN 3”. This game was released earlier this year . So it doesn’t matter that the others came out recently. And yet he has a score of 84 in Metacritic.

All the Hitman fans would have a great time watching this game. Same goes for “Control: Ultimate Edition “, a game quite difficult in the storytelling, but still very nice. And the graphics are amazing on PS5! A wonder that makes everyone agree.

PS5: Top 10 best console games in 2021!
PS5: Top 10 best console games in 2021!


“Scarlet Link” has a lot of benefits, and is very appealing to fans of manga and anime games. Despite its good score in Metacritics, the game still contains shortcomings and some redundancies that can be quite difficult to watch.

Another game from the PS5, “Return”! A sure value that is unanimous! This game is a real drug, since we tend to spend long hours in it. It’s very addicting and funny. The addiction strangely resembles that which one can experience before “Enter the Gungeon”.

Also in this top 10, “Demon souls” . Either one of the best games of the entire catalog SP5 . This is what has been said by several gamers on the web. It is also impossible to reveal this top 10 to you without mentioning “Resident Evil 8: Village”.

A game for those who are not afraid to play late at night, with the light off. This great game also has a very good rating, so we validate it!

Thanks to its graphic improvements, the game PS5 Remake of Final Fantasy VII: Intergrade ” also enters this ranking. This is also the case for Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart and Mass Effect : Legendary Edition.