PS5: Top 10 games coming to the console in 2021!

PS5: Top 10 games coming to the console in 2021!

We are fast approaching the month of 2021. And who says new month, says new releases. Indeed, the PS5 is preparing to welcome new games in the coming weeks . Back to the most anticipated on the next gen console from Sony.


Since its arrival last November, the console of the Japanese firm has not yet offered us many titles . Certainly, games such as Hitman 3, Resident Evil Village, Returnal , or Ratchet & Clank have come to complete the already existing catalog.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s to come to the PS5 in the coming days and months. Indeed, we are still far from the real next-gen titles which will undoubtedly appear from 2022 . Despite everything, we have plenty to do.

Note for example that the sequel to A Plague Tale will arrive on 2021 . The game in which you can play as a brother and sister to fight the plague with magical powers. Besides the whimsical aspect, the title is sublime.

Add to that the ray tracing of the PS5 and you have arguably the best looking game on the Sony machine to date. Of course, everyone is free to think what they want . However, at MCE , we believe this is the best looking yet.

It’s not. As we let you know in the title, our colleagues unveiled 9 other games that will soon arrive on the console of the Japanese firm . There will be something for everyone, for young and old.

Where the Heart Leads will arrive on July 13th . When it comes to car fans, you should also find what you are looking for. Indeed, if you want to try to challenge Lewis Hamilton or Bottas on a circuit, the game which will be released on July 16 should delight you.

PS5: Top 10 games coming to the console in 2021!
PS5: Top 10 games coming to the console in 2021!


Given that this is the new season of F1, F1 2021 . But it is especially at the end of the month that the most outings will be made. Because on 2021 will arrive Cris Tales as well as Last Stop .2021, he will record 3 new releases at once.

Indeed, the PS5 will welcome Tribes of Midgard, Samurai Warriors 5 , and Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles . It remains to be seen which of the 3 titles you will choose on this special day. No doubt you will feel tight when it comes to choosing.

A little later, you can always fall back on Eldest Souls, Fuga: Melodies of Steel , or even Little Devil Inside . These 3 titles will be released on 2021 and end of December respectively . Here is the list of games to be released.

Note, however, that other games will arrive on the PS5 , still during the month of December. We invite you to take a tour on the Web to know the complete list and to make your choice for yourself . A choice that turns out to be difficult.

We still hope that you have managed to get your hands on a console from the Japanese company . Especially since during the month of June, many restockings were made. This “facilitates” the possibility of buying a machine so sought after since last November.