Fortnite: the latest challenges deemed ultra easy by players?

Challenges and quests have always had their place in Fortnite . This allows you to have a goal in addition to finishing Top 1 during a game . However, the challenges of Season 7 would not be suitable for everyone. Particularly because of their ease.


If you’ve played Epic Games ‘ battle royal before , you probably know what we’re talking about. These famous quests allow you to obtain a certain number of XP . In order to progress in your battle pass and obtain new skins.

It is also for this reason that Fortnite players take time to complete these quests. Indeed, the latter want to gain XP to discover new objects. But before, accomplishing these missions was often difficult .

Today it is very easy to complete the quests of the week . And that, many players deplore it. Proof of this is with the Forbes reaction . The media devoted an entire article to the ease of the challenges of Season 7.

Our colleagues, pointing to the element that made these missions ridiculous: “ the map of challenges in play. ” Whereas before, you were only entitled to a clue of the area where you had to go to succeed a quest.

Before the Fortnite challenge map , you can now know where you need to go, exactly, to find a particular object, and successfully complete your challenge. You no longer need to dig a few minutes to achieve this . Some will find it really good, and some will not.

Because yes, the pleasure, in a video game, comes especially from the fact of struggling to achieve its ends. We will never take so much pleasure in having trouble defeating a boss or succeeding in a puzzle that we find ourselves on for several days. And Fortnite is putting an end to it all.

Fortnite: the latest challenges deemed ultra easy by players?
Fortnite: the latest challenges deemed ultra easy by players?


But according to the media, another point makes the challenges of Season 7 even more ridiculous. This is the number of options you have for finding certain items . Before, you had to visit almost the entire map to find the grail.

Now in Fortnite , every zone can offer you the coveted item. Especially since you will only need one item . For example, you only need a vase for a mission. You know where it is because of the title of the challenge.

Then when you go to Lazy Lake, you find a total of eight vases that you can collect . You only need one item and yet you are entitled to 8 spaces to collect … So this is not really a challenge.

In short, you will understand, the missions of this season seem to have strongly disappointed Fortnite players . It remains to be seen whether Epic Games will raise the bar. Because it may not be the main goal of his game , but it is still important.

Indeed, some never manage to make Top 1 . Because of this, they prefer to focus on quests to get points and new skins. But if they no longer take pleasure in doing them, it could make things difficult.