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Title: Civilization 3
Developer: Firaxis Games
Publisher: Infogrames
Release Date: 30 Oct. 2001
File Size: 1.14 GB

Civilization 3 (Video Game) Review

Civilization 3 is similar to “Civilization 2”. The game map is made up of square tiles on a grid. A tile can only be worked if it is one of the 20 tiles surrounding a city, a tile can only be worked by one city at a time, and each city can only work a number of tiles equal to or less than its population. Food is used to grow the player’s cities. Each population unit requires food to survive, and excess food is stored. Larger the population of the civilization, the larger the food storage. Production, represented in the game as “shields”, is used to build units, buildings, and wonders. Commerce powers the player’s economy. This commerce is split up as the player sees fit between technological research, tax revenue, and luxuries, each with a different purpose.

Each city’s citizens have a certain mood (happy, content, unhappy, or resisting). If most citizens are unhappy, the city falls into civil disorder and all production ceases; if a city remains in civil disorder for too long, it leads to riots. If most citizens are happy, they will like their leader and increase economic benefits.

Terrain improvements are built by Worker units. Irrigation increases food, mines increase production, and roads increase commerce and reduce movement costs for all allied land units using them. Two civilizations must have Right of passage treaty signed to benefit from each other’s roads.

Buildings enhance a city in some way and cost maintenance. Like units and Wonders, each one can only be built when the requisite technology has been acquired. Buildings require financial maintenance each turn, and can be destroyed. Only one of each type of building can be constructed in each city. The graphics of the game are very good to play. Civilization 3 free download for amazing campaigns. 

Civilization 3 (PC) System Requirements

Before downloading make sure that your PC meets the system requirements for this video game.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98
ProcessorIntel Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz
RAM / Video Memory128 MB / 32 MB
Hard Drive500 MB
Video CardDirectX 8 Compatible Graphics

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